Stream Audio Wirelessly

The Kanex AirBlue™ is a portable Bluetooth® based music receiver that enables you to wirelessly play, listen and control all your favorite music from your iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad or Android device through your home stereo speakers.
AirBlue wirelessly connect to speaker
AirBlue Connect to car radio

Travel Light

Take the AirBlue™ anywhere you go. Pair your Bluetooth® audio device in just seconds to start streaming to any speakers, home entertainment center or car sound system.

Control Bluetooth Devices Over AV

Share, control and listen to your favorite playlist or podcasts wirelessly using the Kanex AirBlue™ through your home-theater AV receiver or powered speakers using the included audio cable.

AirBlue work with home audio system

Rechargeable battery

Rechargeable Battery

Simply connect AirBlue™ to a USB power outlet and start streaming your favorite tunes for up to 10 hours.



What's Included:

Kanex AirBlue™
3.5mm to 3.5mm cable
USB to Mini USB cable for charging
3.5 mm to RL audio cable

Technical Specifications:
Bluetooth® Version:v2.1 + EDR system in 2.4GHz ISM band
Transmission Range:33 ft.
Terminals:Combined TX/ RX RF - Reducing external antenna switches
Process:DSP Co-Processor - 16& 32-bit run time
Output dB:+4dBm with level control 13 dB
Audio Codec:16-bit stereo codec - 94dB SNR stereo DAC playback
Battery:Internal rechargeable battery
Working Hours:Up to 15 Hours


Devices enabled with A2DP stereo Bluetooth


FAQ (31)

When pairing my iPhone with the AirBlue - I’ve held the power button down until the blue LED comes on but I can’t find Kanex in the list of devices found by my iPhone. What should I do?
In order for your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or any other Bluetooth equipped device to see the Kanex AirBlue you must first put the Kanex AirBlue into discoverable mode by follow these steps: While the device is off, hold the power button for 6 seconds until the blue LED flashes in fast intervals. (Holding the button down for only 4 seconds turns the AirBlue ON not into discoverable mode, so keep holding the button down for 2 more seconds.) NOTE: After 4 seconds the blue LED will begin to flash, but do

The specifications on the Kanex AirBlue states I’m able to make a connection and play music up to 38ft away, how much farther can I play my music?
The Kanex AirBlue is in fact capable of making a connection up to 38ft away, however, objects such as walls, furniture, or any other obstacles in the way of sight will cause the range to decrease.

I'm very interested in your device and have a question. When paired and playing music, if a phone call comes in will my bluetooth headset kick in and disconnect from the AirBlue (I have an iPhone 4 and this may be more of a function of the phone than your device). Thanks!
No, it should not disconnect from the AirBlue when receiving a phone call, however the music will stop playing when an incoming/outgoing call is made. In Theory, when receiving a call, you would usually select the device in which you would like the audio to come out of.

I have a USB connection in my glove box to my car stereo. Can I connect the AirBlue to this instead of the AUX audio jack? Will it also charge the AirBlue through the USB cable in my car?
The Aux audio jack is require for audio output. Yes the usb will charge the AirBlue and the LED will turn red which indicates charge.

My car has a usb connector that I can plug my iphone into to charge as well as send music through. Can I use the usb connector to charge the device as well as send music?
You can in fact use the USB to charge the device, however you would need to use the aux audio port for audio playback.

Will the AirBlue pair with my MacBook also? I'd rather stream from there than my iPhone the majority of the time.
Yes it will work on any Macbook or devices that have bluetooth audio out.

Pairing AirBlue in my car will it work as playing phone call audio through the stereo speakers as well?
No it will not. The Kanex AirBlue is a Bluetooth music receiver, it does not have functions like a Bluetooth headset/hands free device.

Can I connect a tape adapter to the airblue to use in my car? This would keep me from having to connect the tape adapter to my phone every time I get in the car.
Yes you can. The Airblue will connect to the 3.5mm audio cable coming out from the adapter.

Does AirBlue work with Motorola Droid??
Yes it does. As long as your Smart phone is equipped with Bluetooth, you will be able to connect to the AirBlue.

How do i know when the unit is charging/charged?
The LED on the top of the unit will illuminate red when the unit is charging and will turn off once the unit is fully charged.

Is this device only compatible with Apple products? I have an HTC Thunderbolt and HP Touchpad that I would use it with, and am planning on buying a Samsung Galaxy Nexus to replace the Thunderbolt. Will any Bluetooth device work, or only Apple stuff?
This unit will work fine with any Bluetooth enable device.

Hi. Can i use kanex for voice conversation in my car. Kanex put my music on the speakers but not phone calls? Any advaice for me?
Hello, You can not use the Kanex Airblue as a hands free headset. This unit is designed as a Bluetooth music receiver, not Bluetooth headset.

Is it safe for the AirBlue if it is constantly on charge all the time. As I have usb charging in my car i want to be able to leave it plugged in all the time and not have to worry about it being charged.
Leaving it constantly on charge would not damage the unit, but in long term may affect the performance of your Lithium Ion Battery, it will hold less of a charge. Thanks.

it is asking for a pairing code to connect with my bluetooth device, hp lap top
Yes, a pairing code is required (sometimes)depending on the device. Use 4 zeros: (0000) and you are set to go.

I received the AirBlue as a birthday gift yesterday. I charged the unit over night and was able to see the red light as it charged. It will not turn on when I press the play button. I have tried countless times both plugged and unplugged from the power source. Please help!
Please press and hold the pause/play button for 13 seconds while the unit is off. This will do a factory reset on the AirBlue.

Hello, will AirBlue automatically reconnect to my device? in other words, if i leave my car and then come back next morning, start the car, will my phone automatically connect to AirBlue or will i have to wake it and pair?
Absolutely, once its paired with your device, you do not need to find, or re-pair the device to Airblue. thanks

I have an iPhone 4s and was considering getting AirBlue for my car. I frequently use my iPhone for navigation using the Navigon app and for Pandora Radio. Is the AirBlue compatible with the audio from these two apps?
Yes, anything that pumps Audio out from the Apps, the airblue will work flawlessly when paired and fully charged with the iP4S. Thanks.

Can the AirBlue pair with more than 1 device? I would like it to work with my GPS and android streaming music.
No, it will only pair with one device at a time, thanks.

Does Airblue device recognize my device after turning on and off bluetooth of my iphone. If so how many device does Airblue can recognize in its memory
Yes, it does recognize after shutting off your phone or any other Bluetooth device, The maximum you can pair is up to 5 devices in the built in memory.

will the air blue work with iPhone 5 and 2005 Acura TL?

Does it work with Sony MP3 players with Bluetooth?

will this device work with the ipod touch 5th generation in the 64GB size? and does it work by plugging into the input jack for speakers? or is the device its self a speaker?
Yes, it will work with the ipod touch 5th gen, however it is not a self speaker, you will need to connect the airblue to an external speaker or amplifier/ stereo to get the full fun out of it. Thanks.

Will the AirBlue work with the iPod Nanp 7th generation? it has bluetooth 4.0 ADCP.
Yes, it works great.

Can I use this with calls from my iphone?
The AirBlue is only a music receiver. It will only receive the music that your iPhone is playing. It will not allow you to use it as a hands free Bluetooth headset to have phone conversations.

Can kanex AieBlue paired with my Samsung galaxy tab 7.7 .?
Yes. it works.

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Ratings (23)

  4.13 out of 5/ Based on23 reviews

I use it in my car with my iphone 5. Works fairly well. Slight flaw is that when you attempt to use it while having it plugged into a USB power source, it provides a great deal of "feedback" white noise which renders it too frustrating to use. However, when you use it with no power running to it, it works well.

Reviewed by BS, Cypress TX United States, 4/29/2013
Device: iPhone - Year: iPhone 5

Il prodotto è molto semplice da usare,io l'ho collegato in bluetooth all'ipod 4G senza nessun problema. cosa mi è piaciuto la qualità del suono,avevo provato altri prodotti ma la qualità del suono non era buona, e assenza di fili in giro per l'auto. la spedizione dell'oggetto è stata veloce. commento finale tutto positivo un buon prodotto.

Reviewed by FC, gubbio Perugia Italy, 3/2/2013
Device: Others - Year: 2012


Reviewed by sb, Moss Bluff LA United States, 12/19/2012
Device: iPhone - Year: 11/2012

Hi there The one thing I am a bit disappointed about the airblue device is that even at 10 feet away from my ipad the sound cuts in and out for a couple of seconds at times. I tried plugging the device into power at the same time but it didnt make any difference. It is a bit annoying. Otherwise is works fine, but given the cutting out I dont think that I would buy another due to this problem. Thanks for asking and hopefully my feedback will help to find a solution for this problem. Regards Jarrod

Reviewed by jb, adelaide Australia, 10/22/2012
Device: Others - Year: 2012

1. as an add on to a car headunit for music streaming 2.compact easy to use 3. does not connect to phone automatically, not as clear as could be 4.nil

Reviewed by mr, Burraneer Australia, 10/21/2012
Device: iPhone - Year: 4

1.) I used this product with my ipod touch and laptop. Unfortunately my smartphone cannot be used using Kanex AirBlue due to the incompatibility of the bluetooth (2.0 or 2.1 to 3.0). 2.) I like the product because it saves me time (to set up those cords). 3.) What did you not like about this product? -the version of the bluetooth, that's it. 4.) I hope that the next device/gadget to be used although not the same as this one must have compatibility with 2.0 or 2.1 to 3.0. thank you very much

Reviewed by DF, Jeddah Saudi Arabia, 8/25/2012
Device: - Year:

I have been happy with this product. I travel a fair bit and like to have music in my hotel room. I was looking for a way to remote control my iPhone that I plug into portable speakers. This product lets me plug the speakers into the AirBlue, and use the actual iPhone as the remote. Works great. Sound quality is OK. It's not quite as good as when the speakers are plugged directly into the iPhone but you know that going in. For what it is intended to do, it does it well.

Reviewed by JB, Forest ON Canada, 6/22/2012
Device: iPhone - Year: 12/06

1. Is used the Airblue as a bluetooth receiver between my iPad and my hi-fi system. Worked great! 2. Ease of use and great design. 3. - 4. -

Reviewed by LD, Bloemfontein FS South Africa, 5/13/2012
Device: iPad - Year: 2011

1. I hook it to my home stereo mostly, sometimes I use it in the car. 2. I works, it allows me to control the songs and volume from my iPhone. I have reconnected with my music and love it. 3. Sometimes it can be finiky to pair on startup. Sometimes there's some distortion during song playback (I have to move it to another location). Sometimes there's a humming background noise in the silence between songs. 4. Your instruction manual left a bit to the imagination. Overall I love it and have told many people about it.

Reviewed by DH, Chattanooga TN United States, 2/17/2012
Device: iPhone - Year: 2012/02

This product is eccelent,very easy and it has a great utility

Reviewed by am, milano Milano Italy, 1/24/2012
Device: iPhone - Year: 2011

The original product I purchased had a defect, and after a short conversation on the forum, and a brief email session with Kanex; my unit was replaced. While I am impressed with the Kanex AirBlue, I was more impressed with the quality of the customer service. The only suggestion I have is that in the future, maybe the unit should turn on automatically, instead of me having to turn it on each time I enter my car.

Reviewed by BA, Chicago IL United States, 12/13/2011
Device: Others - Year: 11/11

Difficult set-up. Hard to tell set up from use - difference of 2seconds. When working is great but you have to pair each time you use it.

Reviewed by JB, Tomball TX United States, 12/10/2011
Device: iPhone - Year: 11/2011

I use the AirBlue in my car, which has an Aux input and a 12v power outlet in the center console. The AirBlue works like a charm with my iPhone, and connects automatically when I turn it on. I like it a lot. It provides functionality that I wish my car had built-in, and it's a great value at $50. The one thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't come on automatically when I turn on the car. Every time I get in the car and start it up, I have to press and hold the button for 4 seconds just to turn it on. It's bad enough that it doesn't come on automatically when power is applied, but to have to HOLD the button for 4 seconds seems ridiculous. If Kanex could fix this, or come out with a new "just for cars" model that would turn on automatically so I wouldn't have to touch it (except a quick tap to resume playback), they would have a 5-star product and I'd be happy to buy another one. Without that, I give it 4 stars because aside from the inconvenience of powering it on manually, it's a great product and I've been looking for something like it for a long time.

Reviewed by KL, Meridian ID United States, 12/10/2011
Device: iPhone - Year: 2011/Dec

Great product. Easy set up easy use sounds great

Reviewed by su, Des plaines IL United States, 10/21/2011
Device: iPhone - Year: 2011 4GS

I use the AirBlue to connect my iPad to my home theater and also at work to my computer speakers. I love it. I had trouble pairing which your support staff cleared up for me as I needed to fully charge the AirBlue. It works great and I would recommend it to anyone not wanted to be tethered to a cord.

Reviewed by BS, Champion PA United States, 10/20/2011
Device: iPad - Year:

With the car Funzionalty When i enter in the CAR i must always connection manuality not automatic

Reviewed by PC, Ospedaletto Euganeo Padova Italy, 10/20/2011
Device: iPhone - Year: 2011

I used airblue to stream the music from HTC EVO 3D to my new TDK 3 spkr portable radio from accros my backyard while having a cook out Everyone was impressed how clear the signal is received, the airblue is rechargeable and last approximately 5 to 8 hrs I guess depending on how strong the blue tooth signal is, its super compact and I can carry it in my shirt pocket and not even feel it, I actually have to keep double checking to make sure its still in there and that I haven't dropped it. As long as your receiver has a 3.5mm input for audio whether a car stereo, home stereo or even an ipod dock you can listen to your music from any Bluetooth device!

Reviewed by RZ, SOCORRO TX United States, 9/13/2011
Device: Others - Year: 2011/09

i love the kanex airblue, i use to be every day in my car and my home with home thieter, is very cool.

Reviewed by aa, itanhaém São Paulo Brazil, 8/4/2011
Device: iPhone - Year: 11/08

I purchased this item with high hopes based off of reviews on TUAW. However the unit i receuved did not work. After pairing the device and connecting the audio jacks i could not hear any noise. And i knew the device was paired correctly because i could pause my paired device with the airblue. I have since returned the airblue and i am debating whether or not i will order another one

Reviewed by SP, Amesbury MA United States, 8/2/2011
Device: Others - Year: 2011/07

I use the Airblue to stream my music from iPhone to my car stereo. This's an amazing product, the design are pretty good. Excellent purchase.

Reviewed by LB, Curitiba Paraná Brazil, 8/2/2011
Device: iPhone - Year: 2011/08

Not bad. Spotty sound quality. Do not understand at this price point why you would not do mini usb? Also, how about a battery meter audio or some other way. All in all not bad cause only product on market like it. But why not do it right from the start. I live on OC. Do you guys have job openings for product designers?

Reviewed by NS, newport beach CA United States, 8/2/2011
Device: - Year:

I used it with my new iphone, and the product is amazig. It is very pratic and efficient. There are only two problems, the short distance and the little delay of the sound. It worth the price

Reviewed by BM, São paulo São Paulo Brazil, 8/2/2011
Device: PC - Year: 06/2011

i did recieve my product but its not working ...no sound at all its connecting but i dont hear any sound

Reviewed by DC, Veghel Netherlands, 7/17/2011
Device: iPhone - Year: 2010

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