Use Apple AirPlay®  Mirroring with a VGA Projector

Kanex ATV Pro allows a VGA projector to use Apple AirPlay mirroring from an iPad to Apple TV, thus eliminating the need to upgrade to expensive HDMI projection equipment. ATV Pro enhances presentation and educational iLearning experiences by bridging the gap between current equipment and modernization.

Mirror iPad


Power Plug Free and Audio Included

No need for external power or heavy adapters. ATV Pro draws power directly from your Apple TV so you can just plug and play. ATV Pro also has a built-in 3.5mm audio jack so you can play movies and music during your presentation.
ATVPro Power Free and Audio

Education Technology in Your Hands

Classrooms will have no limits. Educators have the ability to keep audiences engaged and connected for today’s iLearning experience. Thousands of apps can easily be mirrored from an iPad and displayed while allowing the freedom to move around while presenting.
divider " As districts and schools look to technology modernization projects over the next few years, ATV Pro can help facilitate the jump into iLearning, creating streamlined environments and optimal classroom opportunities for teachers and students, alike. ATV Pro can be key in helping schools create the demand for iLearning experiences from K-12."
- Chris Coffelt
Director of Technology
Mill Valley school District, CA

meDrive and iWork

CES 2012


A panel of industry experts and the editors of CE Pro chose ATV Pro to join an exclusive group of products deemed the most noteworthy of 2012.  Read More...

divider " It was very tough for the judging panel this year, as evidenced by the several 'ties' in certain categories. In the end, 37 winning products will be receiving a BEST Award for 2012. "
says Jason Knott, editor-in-chief.

ATV Pro + Roku

ATV PRO is an HDMI to VGA adapter. It’ll connect any of the new Roku media players via HDMI to a TV or monitor that has VGA. You can also connect external speakers to get high quality audio. There is no external power adapters needed to power the ATV PRO for it is bus powered, giving you more flexibility to connect in your entertainment center. Once connected, you can use Roku as it was intended – to give you all that great Internet video and music content from over the Internet. Do know that you do need a wired or wireless network at home to enable the streaming of the content over the internet.

ATV Pro with Roku will not enable you to mirror your iPad content to your TV, however Roku does offer an IOS and Android app so you can stream music and photos to your TV from your mobile devices.
ATV Pro and Roku

Case Study

Francis High School Fraser Public School



What's Included:

Kanex ATV Pro

Technical Specifications:

Input video signal: HD source
Output video signal: VGA
Audio Output: 3.5-mm stereo mini-jack
Resolutions supported: 480i/576i/480p/576i/720p/720i/1080i/1080p
Vertical Frequency Range: 50 / 60Hz
Cable length: 2.75 in (70 mm)


Apple TV® (2nd or later)

1. AirPlay requires an Apple TV (2nd generation or later) with an iOS device running iOS 4.3 or later or a Mac with iTunes 10.2 or later. Some features require the latest software.

2. Peer-to-peer AirPlay requires a Mac (2012 or later) with OS X Yosemite or an iOS device (late 2012 or later) with iOS 8; and an Apple TV (3rd generation rev A, model A1469 or later) with Apple TV software 7.0 or later.

3. AirPlay Mirroring is available with iPhone 4s or later; iPad 2 or later; iPad mini; iPod touch (5th generation); and iMac (Mid 2011 or newer), Mac mini (Mid 2011 or newer), MacBook Air (Mid 2011 or newer), MacBook Pro (Early 2011 or newer), and Mac Pro (Late 2013) with OS X Mountain Lion or later.

FAQ (13)

Does it work directly with backberry playbook? Thanks
Yes it does. You'll need an micro hdmi adapter though

Will you need a wired connection from the Kanex ATV Pro to the iPad to get sound through the device or a wired connection with the Stereo Mini jack to a local sound source?
No. You only need a wired connection from your Apple TV to the VGA projector using our ATV Pro. That's it! Once that is connected, you can stream, mirror your content from iPad wirelessly around the class-room or conference room. The stereo mini-jack connects to the VGA projector for audio.

Will this product go backwards, VGA to HDMI? It doesn't need to up convert, but just output.

Hi. Would i be able to use vga to dvi adapter to connect to dvi port on my tv? Or vga to component? Thanks
Thats a great question,however - adding a Component or DVI adapter on the other side of VGA will diminish the picture quality and most probably wont airplay your protected content such as iTunes or iBooks. There are several reasons for this, first being that our device is powerless, most of the DVI connectors requires 5v extraction from HDMI or other sources. Secondly, the Kanex ATV Pro is already a converter, by adding two converters in the same sequence may result into no display at all. Hope i answered your question. Thanks.

Rather than connecting the mini stereo to the projector sound input, can I connect it to powered speakers resulting in video through projector and sound through speakers. When playing audio only as through iTunes/Airplay or Airfoil will the sound only go to the speakers? Don't want to do any disconnecting as it will be on the ceiling.
Absolutely, you can connect powered speakers with the ATV Pro. When playing audio only as through iTunes/Airplay or Airfoil, the sound will only go to the speakers. Thanks

When hooking up my apple tv to the projector, it imagine has a pink hue to it. This only happens on a couple of my apple tv/projector connections. Is there a reason way or a way to fix this issue?
Hi Tammy, this issue is caused by improper reading of the display information called "EDID". To fix this its simple, just go under your apple TV settings, under TV resolutions and adjust the resolution to 1024x768@60Hz or lower and save the changes. The pink hues will disappear.

I cannot get my MacBook Pro Retina to display on my VGA projector even when mirroring at the projector's resolution. Is ATV Pro MBPR compatible?
if you have the ATVPro plugged into the Macbook Pro Retina in the HDMI port, the ATVPro will not work, since the Macbook Pro HDMI port is not powered and won't supply power to the ATVPro via HDMI. If you were to plug an Apple TV for example that will work since the Apple TV's HDMI port supplies power through the HDMI port.

I was wanting to take a Digital AV adapter that converts the 30 pin plug on the iPad to an HDMI, and plug that HDMI to the ATV Pro, but when it was all connected it didn't work. I know the ATV Pro works with the Apple TV on the same screen. Is there something I'm missing to make a wired scenario work?
Thanks for the inquiry and feedback, however the ATV pro is designed to work when directly plugged in to Apple TV, so you can wirelessly mirror your iPad, the digital AV adapter is not compatible with ATV Pro.

Does the ATV Pro work with the newest AppleTV (MD199LL/A)?
Yes. Seamless - just like the older versions.

Is the ATV Pro compatible with new Mac Mini?
The new Mac Mini does not supply any power through the HDMI port. In order for the ATVpro adapter to work it needs to get power from the HDMI port. We do carry a converter HDMI to VGA on our KanexPro line which has its own AC adapter. This will work for your type of setup. Been sold here: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/770123-REG/KanexPro_HDVGARL_HDMI_to_VGA_with.html Thanks

Will the ATV Pro work with the Samsung Chromebook 303C to display from the HDMI port to a VGA projector?
Sorry but the ATVPro adapter will not work with the Chromebook. Seems like the HDMI port on the Chromebook does not supply enough power to turn the ATVPro adapter on. The ATVPro adapter does not have an external AC adapter so it gets its power from the HDMI port of the device. However we do have a converter on our KanexPro line which will work for your setup since it has its own AC adapter and its selling here: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/770123-REG/KanexPro_HDVGARL_HDMI_to_VGA_with.html

Is it possible to use an iPad's HDMI adapter to connect directly into the ATVPro , and then into a projector?
The ATVPro will not work since it gets its power from the HDMI port of the source device. The iPad HDMI adapters do not provide power via the HDMI port and this is why the ATVPro adapter will not work.

Is this product compatible with The Little Black Box as well? My issue...when hooked up to my projector, I need a device like this to allow me to play audio through my external speakers for better sound quality when streaming movies. Thanks
The ATVPRO should work with any standard HDMI output. The device does require power over HDMI tho. Please check with your devices manufacturer to make sure the HDMI port provides power.

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Ratings (128)

  4.70 out of 5 / Based on 128 reviews

Excelent Product i loved
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Reviewed by OR , Distrito Federal Mexico , 7/16/2014
Device: Apple TV - Year: 2013

1. I am using ATV with my projector and it works amazingly . I really love it. 2. It works really smoothly and I have no problem with it and I will tell other people about this product . 3. I have nothing negative to say about the product I am really satisfied with it . I am so happy that I can use Apple TV with my projector with ATV :) Thank you 4. Thank you again it's a great product and I am really enjoying it . Having a VGA projector is not the worst thing when you have ATV you are back in business . Alikarim@live.ca this is my email if there is a way I can help promote this product let me know thank you
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Reviewed by AK , Surrey Canada , 7/12/2014
Device: Apple TV - Year: 2014

Unfortunately, this device has not yet arrived. It has been a long time now & would appreciate either my money back or a new one sent please.
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Reviewed by DB , Port Macquarie Australia , 6/26/2014
Device: Others - Year:

Best solution if you wish to use your Apple TV with an LCD monitor or projector without HDMI interface.

Reviewed by NJ , Petaling Jaya SELANGOR Malaysia , 5/31/2014
Device: Apple TV - Year: 2014/5

I made a match from my ITV to the Beamer. IT works well.

Reviewed by HB , Lommel Belgium , 4/14/2014
Device: Apple TV - Year: 2012

We are using this product with VGA projectors and Apple TV ~ we LOVE it! It works well and allows us to project our iPads using our older projection devices.
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Reviewed by EE , Meadville PA United States , 1/27/2014
Device: Apple TV - Year: December 2013

Used it for wireless Commercial presentations. Works very well! Too bad that the screen size is cut in half, but I understand this is an issue with Apple TV, not the Kanex product

Reviewed by TB , Lisboa Portugal , 1/27/2014
Device: Apple TV - Year: 2014/01

We used this to connect an Apple TV to a projector that did not have an HDMI port. The adapter works great for our use! I love that I didn't have to replace projectors to allow our iPads to connect to projectors.

Reviewed by GF , Green Bay WI United States , 1/26/2014
Device: - Year:

It did not work in our school district and I found that I didn't really need it with my iPad.thank you anyway.please refund my account
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Reviewed by kj , Bellingham WA United States , 1/21/2014
Device: - Year:

1. in classrooms 2. easy to use 3. perfect picture and sound 4. build in bluetooth as a possibility for audio out. This would make it much more easier to install audio.
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Reviewed by KS , Godby Ă…land Finland , 10/19/2013
Device: Apple TV - Year: 2013

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