Use Apple AirPlay® Mirroring with a VGA Projector

Kanex ATV Pro allows a VGA projector to use Apple AirPlay mirroring from an iPad to Apple TV, thus eliminating the need to upgrade to expensive HDMI projection equipment. ATV Pro enhances presentation and educational iLearning experiences by bridging the gap between current equipment and modernization.

Mirror iPad


Power Plug Free and Audio Included

No need for external power or heavy adapters. ATV Pro draws power directly from your Apple TV so you can just plug and play. ATV Pro also has a built-in 3.5mm audio jack so you can play movies and music during your presentation.
ATVPro Power Free and Audio

Education Technology in Your Hands

Classrooms will have no limits. Educators have the ability to keep audiences engaged and connected for today’s iLearning experience. Thousands of apps can easily be mirrored from an iPad and displayed while allowing the freedom to move around while presenting.
divider " As districts and schools look to technology modernization projects over the next few years, ATV Pro can help facilitate the jump into iLearning, creating streamlined environments and optimal classroom opportunities for teachers and students, alike. ATV Pro can be key in helping schools create the demand for iLearning experiences from K-12."
- Chris Coffelt
Director of Technology
Mill Valley school District, CA

meDrive and iWork

CES 2012


A panel of industry experts and the editors of CE Pro chose ATV Pro to join an exclusive group of products deemed the most noteworthy of 2012. Read More...

divider " It was very tough for the judging panel this year, as evidenced by the several'ties' in certain categories. In the end, 37 winning products will be receiving a BEST Award for 2012."
says Jason Knott, editor-in-chief.

ATV Pro + Roku

ATV PRO is an HDMI to VGA adapter. It’ll connect any of the new Roku media players via HDMI to a TV or monitor that has VGA. You can also connect external speakers to get high quality audio. There is no external power adapters needed to power the ATV PRO for it is bus powered, giving you more flexibility to connect in your entertainment center. Once connected, you can use Roku as it was intended– to give you all that great Internet video and music content from over the Internet. Do know that you do need a wired or wireless network at home to enable the streaming of the content over the internet.

ATV Pro with Roku will not enable you to mirror your iPad content to your TV, however Roku does offer an IOS and Android app so you can stream music and photos to your TV from your mobile devices.
ATV Pro and Roku

Case Study

Francis High SchoolFraser Public School



What's Included:

Kanex ATV Pro

Technical Specifications:

Input video signal:HD source
Output video signal:VGA
Audio Output:3.5-mm stereo mini-jack
Resolutions supported:480i/576i/480p/576i/720p/720i/1080i/1080p
Vertical Frequency Range:50/ 60Hz
Cable length:2.75 in (70 mm)


Apple TV® (2nd or 3rd generation)

FAQ (44)

Will this work with the original ipad?
Great question! Yes, it will work in terms of streaming your movies, photos or music but it will not Mirror your iPad, since iPad mirroring works with the later models and iPhone 4S.

Do I need a wifi connection for this to work?
AirPlay Mirroring requires Apple TV and iOS device to be on the same network. If you have the new iPad 3rd generation or iPhone 4S it has a personal hotspot that Apple TV can join which will form a network of the 2 devices.

How do you choose (or what determines the VGA output resolution?
Great question. The VGA output resolutions are displayed using EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) through internally stored resolutions from either the VGA display parameters or through the adapters internal memory of resolutions.

Does this work with the new AppleTV generation 3. I have an existing adapter that works with my Apple TV gen 2, but not with the new gen 3, so I am looking for one that works.
Yes it has been tested to work with Apple TV 3rd Generation, 2nd Generation even the original Apple TV from 2006

Does it work directly with backberry playbook?Thanks
Yes it does. You'll need an micro hdmi adapter though

Will you need a wired connection from the Kanex ATV Pro to the iPad to get sound through the device or a wired connection with the Stereo Mini jack to a local sound source?
No. You only need a wired connection from your Apple TV to the VGA projector using our ATV Pro. That's it! Once that is connected, you can stream, mirror your content from iPad wirelessly around the class-room or conference room. The stereo mini-jack connects to the VGA projector for audio.

Does it work with a "normal" PAL-TV with VGA-in Port? Do i need any other accessories? Are there any restrictions?
Yes, it will automatically recognize the video system (PAL or NTSC) based on your TV. You don't need any additional accessories except a longer VGA cable and 3.5mm stereo audio cable for sound.

I have connected my apple tv via HDMI to my 4:3 smartboard and have been disappointed by how small the picture is - after changing all kinds of resolution settings on both the apple tv and the SMARTboard I am still faced with a tiny 16:9 screen that is mirroring my iPad 2. Will this attachment possibly correct the resolution problem since it will be displaying via VGA (which works great when directly connected to the iPad 2 instead of airplay via the apple tv)? Thanks for your help! If this
Apple TV max resolution out for AirPlay mirroring is 720p (1280x720 pixels). No matter if the output port is HDMI or VGA this is the max from the source Apple TV

Will this product go backwards, VGA to HDMI? It doesn't need to up convert, but just output.

Will the ATV Pro work with the new Apple TV at HDMI output resolution of 1080p?

Can this be used to ONLY play audio through speakers via the 3.5mm connection? more specifically, can this be used with airplay to play music through speakers connected through the 3.5mm mini-jack without using any VGA input whatsoever?
The answer is yes. You can easily connect the ATV Pro to your stereo or 2-channel speakers from the TV, disconnect the VGA output and still get audio from your iTunes collection and other Airplay related music sources. But keep in mind, you need Apple TV there to work the magic.

We're looking for an inexpensive way to add HDMI inputs to our existing analog projection system, but we have to have a specific resolution (1024x768). Can the internal EDID tables of this device be customized?
Yes, the internal EDID tables includes 1024x768 resolution and lower res up to 640x480 or 800x600. The internal tables cannot be customized since the converter works on Auto EDID mode, however – you can customize Apple TV resolution by going under general/ audio –video settings/ tv resolutions.

How does the ATV Pro handle multiple iPads in the classroom? How is the signal handed off from one iPad to another?
Great question, yes it does handle multiple iPads in the classrooms, to be precise - you can handle one signal at a time from Airplay devices and pass it on to another iPad as long as they are connected to the same network. As a tip: you can also set up a password/ lock for every ipads so they can log in to the Apple TV once their password is entered. Let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks

Not sure that my question is answered in the FAQ - I tried the ATV Pro this week at a conference, and the Apple TV showed just fine in 4:3 - but when I switched on mirroring, the screen went square, and the iPad screen was scrunched up. Is there a fix for this issue, or is this a function of HDMI to VGA? Thanks.
It will re-size the output based on your screen resolution. Apple TV supports 800x600, 1024x768, 720p and 1080p. Depending on the display, you can watch full widescreen TV when streaming Netflix or Itunes content but in mirror mode you screen when in Vertical mode will compress itself, smaller than 4:3 due to Airplay Restriction. On a second note, try going under projector settings and change your screen size (Horizontal& Vertical) this may help the overall size when mirroring.

Once connected, can the optical out of the AppleTV still be used to play out 5.1 streams or does the audio strictly now come out of the 3.5mm jack in stereo?
Yes, absolutely - you can use the optical out from the Apple TV to your AV receiver and still get 5.1 SS while connected to 3.5mm stereo which powers the 2-channlel audio from VGA projector speakers and you can mute or unmute, that's the beauty of it.

Hello I was curious to know if I use 50 foot VGA cable and a 5 foot audio would the image and the sound still mach up?
Great question, when running 50ft VGA cabling or higher, signal equalization is required (through a booster or repeater), audio will work with 5-foot, but video will not provide the highest resolution unless accompanied by VGA boosters in between.

Hi. I have 2 questions. First, if I don't use AirPlay Mirroring, just the connect Apple TV to a VGA projector, can it still display the normal Apple TV interface, content and also the sound from audio port? Second, is this device compatible with OS X Mountain Lion's AirPlay feature, both sound and display. Thanks a lot.
1.For your first question, the answer is "Yes". You can still display normal Apple TV interface on to your projector and if you connect the 3.5mm stereo, you will get audio also. 2. The ATV Pro is fully compatible with OS X Mountain Lion, in terms of audio and video, however, you may want to check the hardware requirements for your mac since only the newer versions support Airplay thru macbook pros, air and minis. Thanks.

will work with the MacBook Pro Retina?
No, the MacBook Pro Retina does not supply power through the HDMI port to power the ATVPro.

Hi. Would i be able to use vga to dvi adapter to connect to dvi port on my tv? Or vga to component? Thanks
Thats a great question,however - adding a Component or DVI adapter on the other side of VGA will diminish the picture quality and most probably wont airplay your protected content such as iTunes or iBooks. There are several reasons for this, first being that our device is powerless, most of the DVI connectors requires 5v extraction from HDMI or other sources. Secondly, the Kanex ATV Pro is already a converter, by adding two converters in the same sequence may result into no display at all. Hope i answered your question. Thanks.

When I mirror my macbook pro, the image quality was great, but the display was smaller. The size of the projection was about 50% smaller.
Yes, that's true due to Airplay restrictions, when you stream a movie or video it will display on a normal widescreen mode, but when mirrored you are going to lose that part of screen, the ATV Pro adapter has nothing to do with the sizing but that's how airplay mirroring is designed. On a side note, try adjusting the resolution on your apple tv to 1024x768@60Hz and see if it adds more screen on the side. Thanks.

Rather than connecting the mini stereo to the projector sound input, can I connect it to powered speakers resulting in video through projector and sound through speakers. When playing audio only as through iTunes/Airplay or Airfoil will the sound only go to the speakers? Don't want to do any disconnecting as it will be on the ceiling.
Absolutely, you can connect powered speakers with the ATV Pro. When playing audio only as through iTunes/Airplay or Airfoil, the sound will only go to the speakers. Thanks

Currently using Apples iPad to VGA adaptor. I want to be wireless but projector has no HDMI. Will this look at least as good as the adaptor I'm currently using? Not smaller? Not lower Quality?Thanks!
Oh, yes, the picture quality and audio on this adapter is as good as HDMI. However, you will need an Apple TV to make your iPad wireless. The ATV Pro is capable of supporting up to HD 1080p resolution depending on your projectors resolutions. Thanks.

I am a teacher that does not have a wi-fi network in my classroom. I am looking to be able to move around my room with my Ipad 2 and have the projector mirror what is on my tv. I have the Apple VGA adaptor connected with my projector now, but want the mobility. Will the Apple TV create a connection with my ipad 2?
Hi, thanks for the inquiry on the ATV Pro, however, you will need to be on Wi-fi or LAN connection in order to move around wirelessly without being tethered to the cord. Our ATV Pro and Apple TV will help you do that, but you will definitely need internet in order to extend or mirror your iPad apps. Thanks.

We just purchased the adapters for our VGA projectors in order to use Apple TVs. Fabulous! However, when mirroring the iPad 2, the mirrored, projected display shrinks to half the size of the screen that had been displayed by the Apple TV. Do you have any suggestions for settings in order to utilize the whole screen area? Thanks!
Thanks for the inquiry, however, when mirroring wirelessly, the display will shrink to 50% due to Airplay restriction from Apple, there is nothing we are doing to make it small. You can try a couple of things to make it look bigger, like adjusting the resolution on your apple tv to 800x600 or 1024x768, also change the H and V settings on the projector to bring the image closer. On a side note, try streaming a movie or something from iTunes to the projector, you will get full screen which means during mirror mode the screen size will shrink. Thanks.

When hooking up my apple tv to the projector, it imagine has a pink hue to it. This only happens on a couple of my apple tv/projector connections. Is there a reason way or a way to fix this issue?
Hi Tammy, this issue is caused by improper reading of the display information called "EDID". To fix this its simple, just go under your apple TV settings, under TV resolutions and adjust the resolution to 1024x768@60Hz or lower and save the changes. The pink hues will disappear.

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Ratings (124)

  4.69 out of 5/ Based on124 reviews

I made a match from my ITV to the Beamer. IT works well.

Reviewed by HB, Lommel Belgium, 4/14/2014
Device: Apple TV - Year: 2012

We are using this product with VGA projectors and Apple TV~ we LOVE it! It works well and allows us to project our iPads using our older projection devices.

Reviewed by EE, Meadville PA United States, 1/27/2014
Device: Apple TV - Year: December 2013

Used it for wireless Commercial presentations. Works very well! Too bad that the screen size is cut in half, but I understand this is an issue with Apple TV, not the Kanex product

Reviewed by TB, Lisboa Portugal, 1/27/2014
Device: Apple TV - Year: 2014/01

We used this to connect an Apple TV to a projector that did not have an HDMI port. The adapter works great for our use! I love that I didn't have to replace projectors to allow our iPads to connect to projectors.

Reviewed by GF, Green Bay WI United States, 1/26/2014
Device: - Year:

It did not work in our school district and I found that I didn't really need it with my iPad.thank you anyway.please refund my account

Reviewed by kj, Bellingham WA United States, 1/21/2014
Device: - Year:

1. in classrooms 2. easy to use 3. perfect picture and sound 4. build in bluetooth as a possibility for audio out. This would make it much more easier to install audio.

Reviewed by KS, Godby Åland Finland, 10/19/2013
Device: Apple TV - Year: 2013

I used this to hook an Apple TV to an older VGA-only projector in a classroom. Works great!

Reviewed by DV, GRAND RAPIDS MI United States, 10/18/2013
Device: iPad - Year: August 2013

1. He usado este producto para efectuar mis clases y poder proyetar mi ipad en un proyector. Soy profesor de primaria necesito mucha movilidad en el aula y el ATV pro junto con el apple tv, me solucionan dicho problema. 2. Me gusta que el cable es pequeño y fácil de conectar. 3. Nada. 4. Muy conforme y contento con su producto y espero poder adquirir nuevos productos en el futuro, pues he quedado muy satisfecho.

Reviewed by CB, Quillota Valparíso Chile, 8/22/2013
Device: Apple TV - Year: 2012

I'm using the ATV Pro in my classroom. It works flawlessly. Other teachers have seen how I can project my iPad screen and have run straight to tech support to get one also.

Reviewed by JR, Hagerstown MD United States, 8/14/2013
Device: iPad - Year:

1. Used it to connect an HDMI only device to a VGA monitor. 2. All in one unit 3. The video was fine, the audio was quite low. Even when turning the monitor volume all the way up, it was just barely ok for listening. Also quite expensive.

Reviewed by CW, Hillsboro OR United States, 8/14/2013
Device: PC - Year: 07/2013

1.- Good product to connect an Apple TV 2.- Easy to use. 3.- Some times fail to connect to an HP Compaq LE2002x Monitor 4.- No comments.

Reviewed by FJ, Poza Rica Veracruz Mexico, 5/16/2013
Device: Apple TV - Year: 2013

This Kanex ATV Pro has revitalised my older style projector. It instantly recognised the correct resolution and performed exactly as I had expected. I also love the way it allows 3.5 pin output for audio. This product is fantastic and has breathed new life into my entertainment system.

Reviewed by JL, Wanganui North Island New Zealand, 4/28/2013
Device: Apple TV - Year: 2013/04

This product is used in the Middle School classroom. I liked that the Apple TV enhances projection from the teacher's computer to board. We did not receive a remote with the device for launching. The IT is helping us to connect the Apple TV.

Reviewed by LC, Houston TX United States, 4/28/2013
Device: Apple TV - Year: 2013/04

I have not had a chance yet to use this product because everywhere I do presentations and speeches, their wifi requires web authentication. Ergo, Apple TV cannot work. Product itself seems good though.

Reviewed by AK, Little Rock AR United States, 4/27/2013
Device: Apple TV - Year: not sure

Very satisfied with all of the above!!Thank you

Reviewed by KM, Loveland CO United States, 4/8/2013
Device: - Year: 04/2013

Excellent, already i bought 3 no.s now. Please launch this item in UAE as well.

Reviewed by SG, Dubai Dubai/UAE United Arab Emirates, 3/4/2013
Device: Others - Year: 2013

It works wonderfully and I am now able to use airplay in my classroom because I can hook up the device to my Apple TV and through my projector my students work can be displayed through Apple TV because of this device. I love it!

Reviewed by JS, Walpole MA United States, 3/2/2013
Device: Apple TV - Year: 03/2013

This unit worked flawlessly. It connects the Apple TV unit HDMI to a standard projector wonderfully.

Reviewed by JS, Worcester MA United States, 3/2/2013
Device: Apple TV - Year:

I only place the orders but I'm certain I would hear if anyone was having issues so no news is good news. Sorry I can't review the actual product, but the ordering process and delivery of product ordered was great. Thanks so much.

Reviewed by DW, Wainwright AB Canada, 2/7/2013
Device: Apple TV - Year: 12/12

It was a gift

Reviewed by MS, Ogden UT United States, 2/3/2013
Device: - Year:

This product is used in middle school classrooms to mirror the iPad to a VGA projector via Apple TV. This product is wonderful. It makes the setup from the Apple TV to th VGA projector quick and easy. There is not another product on the market like this one. Since the atv pro handles both video and audio signals in the single cord for a great price, I highly recommend this product for anyone wanting to convert hdmi to VGA with sound.

Reviewed by WM, Las Cruces NM United States, 12/17/2012
Device: Apple TV - Year: 11/2012

I use this product with an older projector. Runs the apple TV perfectly, including purchased items from iTunes.

Reviewed by SM, Calgary AB Canada, 12/17/2012
Device: Apple TV - Year: Dec 2012

1. I use the ATVPro to connect Apple TV's to non HDMI equipped data projectors. 2. The product is simple to use and we have not experienced any faulty devices. 3. Nothing 4. This is the second online purchase I have made using your website and I am very impressed with the service I received on both occasions. The products were dispatched promptly and delivered on time and in excellent condition.

Reviewed by DL, Orange NSW Australia, 12/17/2012
Device: Apple TV - Year: 2012/12

It works great but can be better. The assemble of the HDMI port is sloppy, so that the case is too easy to be lost. If the power source of apple TV is removed-reconnected, the video output have 50% probability to be blank, so I have to re-plug my power several times for confirming the video output is normal.:) Surely I seldom have to remove my power resource, and the case of HDMI is now sealed with tapes, so I think this is still really an amazing product.

Reviewed by SK, Tainan City Taiwan, 11/4/2012
Device: Apple TV - Year:

I ordered 50 of these to use in our classrooms to connect 3rd-gen AppleTVs to our existing VGA-only projectors. The packaging got annoying after opening half-a-dozen of them, but it's great that there's no power adapter necessary, and it includes audio as well as video. I've had a couple that suddenly would display a black screen (but would still negotiate the resolution) while other adapters or HDMI cables worked, but they seemed to start working again after a day or two being unplugged. Overall these have worked very well to connect to our legacy projectors.

Reviewed by BH, Visalia CA United States, 10/30/2012
Device: Apple TV - Year: march 2012

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