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The Kanex Foldable iDevice stand props up your iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices in portrait or landscape mode for viewing or typing. Adjust the angle to your comfort level and fold it away when not in use.

Small Stand. Numerous Possibilities.

The iDevice stand takes up minimal space on any table or desk and comes in a 2-pack, so you can leave one at home by your nightstand and one at the office.

Fold and Go!

The Kanex foldable iDevice stand is perfect for travel. Take it on the plane or when you’re out with the kids to watch movies hands-free. Its slim, lightweight design fits in your bag or pocket and easily packs away when not in use.
The First Full-Sized Wireless Keyboard for the Mac

Angle Adjustable and Multifunctional

This sturdy little stand can support your iPad or iPhone in both portrait or landscape mode. Whether you’re typing, gaming or viewing, the stand offers three adjustable angles so you can position it to your comfort level.
The First Full-Sized Wireless Keyboard for the Mac



What's Included:

Kanex Foldable iDevice Stand 2-Pack

Technical Specifications:

•Dimension(folded): 2.8" x 3.2"
•3 adjustable angles: 63°, 69° and 75°


Maximum support: 10" Tablets











Ratings (25)

  4.60 out of 5/ Based on25 reviews

I use the product as a portable stand for 2 wireless keyboards I use two stands for each keyboard. Works great, keeps my desk less cluttered.

Reviewed by NS, Panama City FL United States, 4/16/2014
Device: iMac - Year: 3/14

Use it every night to support my iPhone which I use as a clock. It sits on my nightstand. Very good. I like the size, the foldability for travel to other nightstands around the country. Very good The only part I don't care for is the detent to hold the angle of the stand in the desired position. It doesn't stay in place if I move it. eh.

Reviewed by NB, San Dimas CA United States, 4/16/2014
Device: iPhone - Year: 2/2014

1. Used for Android phone, iPad Mini, Kindle Paper White& full iPad 2. Portability - great for tucking into the purse. 3. Just a little too light for the iPad - i.e. I tipped it over once or twice. 4. Great little product. I like it a lot.

Reviewed by CK, Redmond WA United States, 4/16/2014
Device: - Year:

I use the device for reading newspapers and books on my iPad. It works very well: light (easy to travel with), functional (good angle for reading) and sturdy even more my older iPad. My wife uses hers for her iPad Mini as well. Good value for its cost.

Reviewed by NW, Cape Elizabeth ME United States, 4/16/2014
Device: iPad - Year:

I use it to hold my iPhone, especially horizontally to view videos. One disadvantage is that in vertical position, there's no way to plug in a charger or earbuds. Otherwise, it's very good. I plan to take in on my next plane flight for reading ebooks or watching videos. Thanks for asking.

Reviewed by JP, Bloomington IL United States, 4/15/2014
Device: iPhone - Year: 14/04

I use it all the time as a reading stand for my iPad. I usually use it in portrait mode. There is a little instability if I try to use it for something requiring lots of taps, but that's okay. Easy to use, and the locking feature works well. The one problem I've had is with the little rubber feet: I've lost 3/4 of them. But it still works. Well worth the price.

Reviewed by KL, Indianapolis IN United States, 4/15/2014
Device: iPad - Year:

Very simple, compact, and cool stand. I use it on planes and even sitting in my car (in a parking lot). It fits right on top of my steering wheel column and I can watch videos on my iPad during my break.

Reviewed by EW, Lake forest CA United States, 4/14/2014
Device: - Year:

1. As a support for reading on my iPad 2. Folds flat, very light, various viewing angles 3. Would like a few more (flatter) viewing angles (45°, 36°, etc.) 4. possibly make it a bit longer to accommodate more angles. So far seems fairly rugged but I'm a bit nervous about one of the pins that fit in the grooves breaking off.

Reviewed by SM, Portland OR United States, 4/14/2014
Device: iPad - Year: 2014/January

1 for my iphone next to my computer 2 easy to use after you get used to it, rubber feet 3 expensive for what it is when you add shipping too 4 great idea, got one for wife and daughters too

Reviewed by CJ, Rancho Santa Margarita CA United States, 4/13/2014
Device: - Year: 2/14

These are great stands with the qualities of being light and compact. It took a few seconds to figure out how to open them up but after that ther were not problems with the stands. I bought 2 and ended up with none once my wife and mother saw them in action and felt that they needed them more than I did.

Reviewed by RH, Pembroke ON Canada, 4/13/2014
Device: iPad - Year: 2014/April

I like the Foldable iDevice Stand a lot. I did not understand that I was buying a 2-pack when I ordered it and was pleasantly surprised when I got it. I also was under the impression that it was going to be aluminum, but the plastic seems to be fine. The only thing I'd like to see improved is a way to fold down the lip at the bottom so it can be truly flat in my pack. as it is, it is really good, but if it could fold completely flat it would be even better.

Reviewed by PA, Troutdale OR United States, 4/13/2014
Device: iPad - Year: iPad Air

Does exactly as advertised. Holds my iPhone 5S neatly and securely in place while its on my desk.

Reviewed by DP, Summerfield FL United States, 4/13/2014
Device: Others - Year: April 2014

I am using it as a stand for Moto X, since it has rounded corners, it is not too steady. I like the form factor when closed but should come in black color.

Reviewed by ET, Sao Paulo São Paulo Brazil, 2/11/2014
Device: Others - Year: 2014/02

This is an excellent product in so many ways. Firstly it is simple and.uncluttered. It is a no nonsense device stand that works very well. Finally, Instead of costing normal Apple gadget prices, it comes in an oh so useful 2-pack. Very thoughtful product marketing

Reviewed by NP, Carlsbad CA United States, 2/7/2014
Device: Mac Mini - Year: 11/12

These stands are excellent! I can carry them in my pocket without noticing, they are very sturdy and stable. I'll definitely recommend to other people.

Reviewed by LL, Pleasant Hill CA United States, 1/27/2014
Device: iPad - Year: 2013/12

My wife and I both use the stand. We love them and have used them for our iPhones on our nightstands. We have completely replace our lamps and clocks. The build on this is great. I recommend them to all my friends.

Reviewed by JY, Dover PA United States, 1/26/2014
Device: iPhone - Year: 2014/January

I use this stand with my iPad Air to watch movies (landscape mode) and to read books (portrait mode) while I'm eating. I like that the product folds into a small pocket-able size and is very lightweight. I don't like the fact that the stand tends to tip over easily if you touch the iPad Air with more than a featherlight touch. The stand could use one more notch at the very end to bring the angle to around 60º.

Reviewed by PN, North Vancouver BC Canada, 1/26/2014
Device: iPad - Year: 2013 (iPad AIr)

I use it mainly to hold my pad. Lightweight and is foldable. A little unstable

Reviewed by MF, Tinley Park IL United States, 1/26/2014
Device: iPad - Year: 1/14

The Kanex Foldable IDevice Stand is a super handy little gadget. I'm using it to support my iPad, iPod, and iPhone when I'm using the timer, watching videos, and while using a Bluetooth keyboard. The variable angle tilt and the collapsability are both very useful ... for getting the screen angle "just right" and for storage and transport. The small size fits in my EDC plan really well. I like the size, the function, the price, the construction and the operation of this stand. I bought 'em for Christmas stocking stuffers and everyone loves 'em. This product met my needs and price point very well, and after using my daily for about a month I can recommend it without reservation. I love mine and would buy it again in a flash. Is there anything not to like about this product? If there is I haven't found it. I give this 5 stars with a smile.

Reviewed by DT, Portland OR United States, 1/26/2014
Device: iPad - Year: 2014/01

I use the iDevice Stand with an iPad Mini (and occasionally with a full-size iPad.) It works perfectly as advertised and is very stable and secure. The small size and portability is a valuable added feature. It is clearly the best stand solution that I have found.

Reviewed by JH, Sanibel FL United States, 1/26/2014
Device: iPad - Year: 2014/1

I loved the simplicity of the design, the color, portability and yet allows a full sized ipad to be let on the stand. I take it with me to most places which helps keep the device in a perfectly viewable angle for my 4 year old. On my study table, it holds my phone so that I can monitor any text messages coming in easily. I particularly love the way it folds so it can be kept in the pocket easily!

Reviewed by AK, Cary NC United States, 1/26/2014
Device: iPhone - Year: Jan 2014

The little Kanex stand, which comes in a two-pack for $19.99 USD, is a handy and well made little thing that easily adjusts to one of three angles. It takes a couple seconds to figure out how to fold it into position but it isn't hard. I bought it primarily for my iPad air and it works quite well in landscape. In portrait the center of gravity is a little too far out beyond the stand and while it does hold the iPad Air, it is a little too easy to knock it backward; still, it does hold it. The stand does hold a smartphone very securely, and there are a wide variety of things you can stage on it, like bills that need to be paid soon. All in all it is a fantastic deal for the price, and anyone who might want to use a tablet in landscape orientation along with a bluetooth keyboard is bound to be very pleased. It is so low to the desk that a device is not going to be tipped side to side, only backward, and only if the device is tall.

Reviewed by JG, Hastings MI United States, 1/26/2014
Device: iPad - Year: 2014/01

1. For iPad use. 2. It's light and foldable. 3. The front retainer is not foldable. 5. Two for $10 would be wonderful.

Reviewed by RY, Walnut CA United States, 1/25/2014
Device: iPad - Year: Jan/2014

Great product. One on my desk at work, one on bedside table. Compact, nothing fancy - it just works

Reviewed by JS, Bonita Springs FL United States, 1/22/2014
Device: iPhone - Year: 2014/january

Use with a Samsung Galaxy S4 with Sena case. I like how it easily accommodates the phone while in the case. Very light and easy to transport. I purchased 8 of these and gave them out as stocking stuffers at Christmas. Big hit!I don't like how the hinge sometimes binds up. It doesn't always open easily. Good, clean design. Very functional.

Reviewed by KF, Florence SC United States, 1/21/2014
Device: Others - Year: 01/2014

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