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HDMI cable

Single Cable Solution

One cable for both audio and video means less cables to connect to your device. High flexibility, low bend radius with compact connectors will fit neatly under tight spaces.
HDMI 10ft cable

Convenient Length

With 10 ft. (3m) length the HDMI®  cable provides the flexibility in extending your desktop content from anywhere

Works with MacBook, iMac and Mac mini™  Port

If you’re using an existing Mac with Mini DisplayPort or looking to upgrade to the latest MacBook Pro, we have you covered. Kanex Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Cable transmits video and audio* from your Mac with Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt port to an HDTV.
*Click on the specs tab above for details.

Extend your MacBook onto an HDMI Display

Create extra workspace by extending or mirroring your desktop on to an HD display. Improve work efficiency and multitasking. Increase your productivity by adding an additional display.
macbook with HD Display



What's Included:


Technical Specifications:

Input:Mini DisplayPort
Supports data rates up to 2.23Gbps per channel
Supports full HD 1080p (1920x1080)
Supports color depth of 12 bits per channel
Supports uncompressed digital LPCM 7.1, 5.1 or
2 channels and compressed digital Bit-Stream through HDMI Input
HDCP Compliant
Low profile flexible cable
Cable Length: 10 Feet (3 Meters)


MacBook (Late 2010 release)
MacBook Pro 13/15/17 inch (Early 2010 - Early 2013 release)
iMac®  21.5/27 inch (Mid 2013 release)
MacBook Air® 11/13 inch (Mid 2013 release)
Mac Mini
Mac Pro (Mid 2010 release)

FAQ (24)

Will the Kanex Mini DisplayPort to HDMI® Cable work with my iMac 3.0Ghz MB952LL/A (iMac 10,1)?
Yes, the Kanex iAdapt V2 will work with the iMac 3.0Ghz MB952LL/A (iMac 10,1. However, please note that you must be running Mac OS 10.6.6 in order for the audio to be transmitted properly.

Does this cable to work if i have a 720p LCD HD TV?
Yes, this cable has an auto–EDID feature built-in that adapts to maximum resolution depending on users display. If a user has 720p HDTV it will read the EDID and adjust Mini DisplayPort output automatically and vice versa for 1080i/1080p displays. It will also show all resolutions the display supports on Mac OSx display settings.

Hello, I just received the Kanex Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Cable however there is no audio. I bought my Apple Macbook in April 2009, do I need to purchase another cable? Is this cable available for pre-2010 Macbooks? If not, what would you suggest I use enable the audio component?Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
Audio pass through to Mini DisplayPort is available only on models from April 2010 and beyond. We have Kanex iAdapt 51 or iAdapt 20 for your model which gets audio from USB or Toslink.

Can this cable convert HDMI to Mini DP?
Please be advised that this cable is not bi-directional and will only accept a Mini DisplayPort source to an HDMI display.

Hello,I recently purchased your Mini Display port to HDMI Cable at the apple store and was told that all I needed to do is connect it from my iMac to my HD TV. I tried this, but all I get is the background (desktop) image from my iMac and cannot get it to work. Please tell me what i'm doing wrong. I appreciate your help in advance.
Please be advised that you are extending your desktop onto your HDTV. This means you have additional desktop space. If you want to mirror your displays and see the exact picture of your laptop you can go to:System Preferences-> Displays-> Arrangement(tab) and select Mirror Displays. Please verify that you have your sound settings correct. Please go to your System Preferences and then to the Sound section. Please choose the Output tab and under the output tab please ensure that Digital Output is selected, also the name of your display may display please select that. Internal speakers must not be selected. Please let us know if this addresses your issue. For additional info please view this guide:http://www.kanexlive.com/forums/showthread.php/180-No-Audio Thank you.

Hello,I recently purchased your Mini Display port to HDMI Cable at the apple store and was told that all I needed to do is connect it from my iMac to my HD TV. I tried this, but all I get is the background (desktop) image from my iMac and cannot get it to work. Please tell me what i'm doing wrong. I appreciate your help in advance.
You can either set it as a extended or mirror display feature. If you see the Mac OSX background then it is set on a extended function. You can switch it to mirror function under the display preference. You may want to hit the "Gather Windows" button to see your HDTV settings.

I just purchased your Mini Displayport to HDMI Cable and running it on a Macbook Pro and the video is working, but the audio is not. Can you please let me know what I must do to get the audio working?
Verify that you have your sound settings correct. Go to your System Preferences and then to the Sound section.Choose the Output tab and select the Digital Output,also the name of your display may show up please select that.Internal speakers must not be selected. let us know if this addresses your issue. For additional info please view this guide: http://www.kanexlive.com/forums/showthread.php/180-No-Audio

I have a MacBook Pro 5,5 (model MB991LL/A) with Mac OS 10.6.6 and a Panasonic 720p plasma TV with HDMI input. As long as I also use a digital optical audio cable for the sound, will this Kanex Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable work for video feed?
Yes video always work for all Apple computers with Mini Displayport. Just audio works on models from April 2010 and beyond.

Can I use this cable with PS3 to Imac 27 inch
This cable is not bi-directional. It can only send audio/video signal from Mini DisplayPort to HDMI output. However we have Kanex XD which does what you are looking for.

I would like to purchase the "Kanex Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Cable 10Ft (3 Meters)" but I live in the UK. When I go to click the buy now button on your website it redirects to Apple US which don't deliver to the UK. Please can I purchase this directly from you. Thanks
Sorry for the inconvenience, Apple is the only authorized reseller for now but you may check online at http://www.unlimited.com/cu/product_family.do?categoryID=218770 and find resellers in your area. They do carry the Kanex MiniDP-HDMI. Thanks

Will this product work with on the new Thunderbolt port?
Yes it is fully compatible and tested with the new Thunderbolt port and provides full HD 1080p video and multi-channel audio surround sound.

will this work on samsung LCD-TV 2010 model? i just recently bought the Kanex iAdapt MDPHDMIV2 HDMI V2 - Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter with Audio Support, and on bought of my samsung TV, it wont recognize the audio, so before I make a purchase I want to be sure this will work, you're response is appreciated. THANKS
Both products support audio out. First make sure your apple model supports audio out to MDP port. Easy way to find out is if your model was purchase after April 2010 then ok. Second initial plug in of the cable requires you to change the audio output settings to your HDTV. This is required once only and next time you plug in it will auto select the audio output to your HDTV.

Hi Kanex, I would like to connect a brand new ( Feb 2011) MacBook Pro to my Sony Bravia home theater projector. The projector has an HDMI port, but has no native audio, so I use separate speakers. Can I use your Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Cable for the video only and plug my speakers directly into the laptop? Will I have any issues overriding the audio output from your cable? Thanks!Yolin
Yes video will go to your projector and you can select the audio output under your sound preference settings.

Greetings. Will the Kanex Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Cable work with monitors having a resolution of 1920 X 1200?
Yes, it does - The cable has a built in IC that detects your output resolution via EDID to match the display.

Will this product provides full HD 1080p video and multi-channel audio surround sound with the new Apple MacBook Pro MC723LL/A 15.4-Inch Laptop?
Yes. All those features you mentioned have been tested and confirmed to work on the newest MacBook Pro with thunderbolt port for this cable.

I wonder why the audio cannot work on earlier released MacBook Pro 13Inch? what is the major enhancement they made for this to happen? I mean it is always the same mini diplay port...Even with OS X 10.6.6? Well at least mini-Jack/RCA cables are cheap! Thanks
Earlier released MacBook Pro's as of 2008 were first adopters for DP technology, and during that time, Audio was not enabled for transporting 2.1/5.1 channels by Apple& DP, even if you upgraded to OS X 10.6.6 it would not work since it was hardware based and not software related. However, high-res video up to 1080p was supported by DP. Recently, or I would say mid 2010 is when they enabled audio. We do however have 2 solutions design for the older Mac models which is our iAdapt 51 and iAdapt 20 which gets audio from usb and combine video to hdmi out.

Is Kanex MDP to HDMI 10ft cable compatible with Mac OS X Lion (10.7)?
Yes, the MDPHD10FT works great on Mac OS X Lion.

Before I purchase will this work on the late 2011 macbook pro 13"?
Yes, it does work with the later Mac Book Pro's since the Tb port also supports Mini -Displayport specs. Thanks.

I recently purchased the Kanex mini displayport to hdmi cable (with audio support).. I have a macbook pro 2010 that was purchased july 2010.. I am connecting it to a samsung hdtv and the display is fine but there is no audio... what do I do?
To obtain audio via the mini display port, you'll need to go into your sound preferences: System Preferences> Sound> Output. If your Mac book does support audio via the MDP, you will see your HDTV listed as an available sound output option. Selecting this will redirect the audio to the MDP. And always click apply to make sure the setting is saved.

Does this cable work with an Epson MG 50?
Absolutely, the projector has 1 HDMI Input, our cable connects there and Mini DP to your computer.

Is it support 3D signal?
Yes, it does. Thanks.

May I use this cable between PC Windows 7 and LED TV?
Yes, if your PC supports or does have mini DP connection, you can certainly connect that to your LED TV.

Hi, I use the Kanex cable to connect my macbook pro (mid 2010) to HDTVs and watch movies. However, I can't use the TV display as 1080p, since the image gets unstable. It works fine with 1080i, but the image quality doesn't seem to be exactly the same. Is there any specific preference I should enable to use 1080p resolution?
This will depend on the display you are connecting to. Many displays can only accept 1080i or 720p. You will want to make sure your Macbook Pro is set to use a default resolution of 1080p and that the display you are connecting to is capable of displaying 1080p.

Hello,Can I use this Mini Display Port/HDMI cable "the other way around", I mean to SEND a video signal FROM a DVD player TO my iMac (to act then as a monitor of the DVD player)?Thanking you in advance,Eric Neisse
No. For this you will nee the Kanex XD: http://www.kanexlive.com/xd

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Ratings (16)

  4.19 out of 5/ Based on16 reviews

1. I use it to plug my macBook Air into the TV. 2. It works seamlessly. No adapters necessary. Much cheaper than Apple TV 3. It seems expensive for a wire, but I'm still very happy with it.

Reviewed by mc, Lyme CT United States, 1/25/2014
Device: MacBook - Year: 2013/mid

I ordered this product in early November and took over a month and a half to come in! I think it was USPS 's fault but you should really keep track of these things

Reviewed by AY, London ON Canada, 1/21/2014
Device: Others - Year: 2013/Dec

Works great for watching movies on my hdtv. I have a macbook that I purchased in 2010 and the cable produces sound via the HDMI and great picture quality. To get the sound to work, I had to go to "system preferences" on my macbook to select sound and then HDMI. HDMI didn't show up in System Preferences until the cable was plugged into my computer and the HDMI port on my TV. It had me fooled for awhile, but once I discovered that, everything was great. It works great!

Reviewed by MR, So. Portland ME United States, 3/6/2013
Device: MacBook - Year:

mini display port to hdmi works great. Unable to get sound without a second cable. running macbook pro os x 10.8 about two years old, also have second macbook pro purchased in july. Same thing no sound without second cable. Read your FAQ. There is no sound setting option in my macs that matches your fix

Reviewed by RM, Frenchtown NJ United States, 3/2/2013
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 7/20/2010

1. To connect my mac to my tv 2. It seems to be a high quality product 3. It could be a little more flexible, I'm afraid that I'll damage it by rolling it up tp put it away. 4. 4 stars

Reviewed by DC, APO AP United States, 8/21/2012
Device: MacBook - Year:

It works very well. After I bought it, however, I realized that it was horrendously overpriced.

Reviewed by CG, Gainesville FL United States, 7/18/2012
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 2010

Not received my product, since they do months, I will ask the credit card chargeback.

Reviewed by MS, João Pessoa Brazil, 6/25/2012
Device: Others - Year:

It work nicely with Imac 2010, but it doesn't work at all with all models after!

Reviewed by MA, Norfolk VA United States, 5/13/2012
Device: iMac - Year: 2012

As it turns out, this is the wrong cable for the project intended. Nothing wrong with the cable, the sound does not feed through this HDMI cable as it does in other operations. I understand that I will need to buy a different cable that will supply the audio and the visuals. What is the policy on returns? What should I do to replace the one which does not work? thanks for your help. Michael

Reviewed by MM, Bandon OR United States, 4/23/2012
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 2010

I didn't receive yet pls CHK status

Reviewed by gG, Ludhiana India, 4/23/2012
Device: - Year:

Not as clear as thought it would be but its ok.

Reviewed by MC, Newcastle upon Tyne Tyne and Wear United Kingdom, 2/17/2012
Device: - Year:

Works great for watching movies on my hdtv. No complaints.

Reviewed by AB, sydney New South Wales Australia, 2/17/2012
Device: MacBook - Year: 2012

1. I bought this cable so that I could use my hd tv as a monitor for Macbook. 2. I liked how simple and easy to use it was. 3. I haven't found anything I don't like so far!

Reviewed by KB, Roeland Park KS United States, 1/24/2012
Device: MacBook - Year: 07/10

Product did not arrive yet. Tracking code says there is no info available. But that is a known issue...

Reviewed by ÁC, Divinopolis Minas Gerais Brazil, 1/21/2012
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 2010

Exactly what I was looking for. Quality is outstanding, and it shipped incredibly fast. So glad I ordered it directly instead of through apple.com.

Reviewed by DE, Johnson City TN United States, 12/12/2011
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 2011/11

1. To connect my mac book pro to my samsun hdtv 2. It support both audio and video 3. Its a little expensive.

Reviewed by RG, Jonesboro AR United States, 10/20/2011
Device: Macbook Pro - Year:

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