Kanex meDrive makes it easy to wirelessly backup, share and save your family’s photos, videos and documents, from their computers, smartphones or tablets to an external USB hard drive.

Put Your Hard Drive to Work

No need to buy a new expensive hard drive, simply connect meDrive to your existing USB hard drive and free up space on your smartphone or tablet and backup your memories safely and securely.
meDrive File Server

meDrive File Manager App

Share with the Family

meDrive also provides a centralized storage location so you can access and share all your content in one place. Whether you’re using your smartphone, tablet or laptop, you can view your photos and videos on any screen in the house. And because there is no Internet required, users can access the content on the drive over a wireless network.

File Manager App

Download the free meDrive App to manage your everyday documents like: PDF, JPG and MOV. Ideal for Apple iWork® iOS apps: Keynote, Pages and Numbers, files can be created, shared and accessed with its built-in WebDAV support.

meDrive also works seamlessly with popular WebDAV based file management apps such as FileExplorer and GoodReader for iOS and WebDAV Navigator and AntTek Explorer for Android.
Apple App Store

Kanex meDrive Case Study

meDrive Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

meDrive is password protected and prevents unwanted guests from accessing your hard drive.

And unlike internet-based cloud solutions, which allow data to be stored virtually anywhere in the world by a third-party vendor, meDrive has no monthly fees and gives you the assurance of knowing exactly where your files are being stored.

Internet is not required to access the drive because the meDrive is connected to your network. So when the Internet is down or Internet usage time for teens is limited, documents, photos and videos can still be accessed.

Easy Setup

With a built-in auto-discovery feature, meDrive can easily find the devices on your network and get you connected right away. Start sharing your personal content with up to 5 devices at the same time.

Did You Know?

You can connect and collaborate seamlessly between iOS, OSX or Windows platforms. meDrive also works with other popular iOS and Android file management apps.
iPad mini and Google Nexus 10

meDrive Case Study





What's Included:

Kanex meDrive
1Ft Rj45 Ethernet Cable
Mini USB Cable
Printed Documentation

Technical Specifications:

WebDAV/ SMB support
Apple Bonjour® Auto Discovery Service
10/100 Ethernet/ USB 2.0/ Mini USB Power Port
USB Bus Powered



Requires iOS 5.1 or later
Support forum for:
meDrive File Server
Discussion on Kanex meDrive hardware. Firmware, features, support
meDrive App
Discussion on Kanex meDrive file manager app for iOS

FAQ (18)

What hard drive file formats does meDrive support?
meDrive supports all the popular formats such as FAT32, MSDOS& NTFS

Do I need to reboot the meDrive before plugging in another flash drive?
No, meDrive is fully hot swappable, add and remove storage from it at any time

How do you connect meDrive?
1. Plug the Ethernet cable from meDrive to your router 2. Install USB storage (flash based or hard drive) 3. Plug in the Mini USB cable into the meDrive then to a USB power port.

Do I have to be on the same network to access meDrive from my iPad
Yes, all your devices will need to be on the same network in order to access meDrive

Do I need an external power supply to power up meDrive?
No, meDrive is USB powered and only takes 300mA to power up from any USB power adapter or source.

What file formats does meDrive support?
meDrive supports a plethora of file formats ranging from word docs, excel, PowerPoint to iWork files such as Keynote, Pages and numbers and popular video formats.

Where can I get more information on upgrading the firmware for meDrive?
For more information please visit our forums at: http://forums.kanexlive.com/post/Latest-Firmware-amp-Upgrade-Instructions-6144623

Does the meDrive work with external hard drives that run off of usb?
Yes, the USB port on the meDrive will supply power and will work with external hard drives that run off USB.

This device is being promoted to Mac and iOS users and your file format FAQ specifies all popular formats but then lists only Microsoft formats. Does the meDrive support Apple formats?
Example Of Viewable document types: .jpg, .tiff, .gif (images); .doc and .docx (Microsoft Word); .htm and .html (web pages); .key (Keynote); .numbers (Numbers); .pages (Pages); .pdf (Preview and Adobe Acrobat); .ppt and .pptx (Microsoft PowerPoint); .txt (text); .rtf (rich text format); .vcf (contact information); .xls and .xlsx (Microsoft Excel)

Can the meDrive connect to External Exclosure type of HDD's?
Yes it will work..

Is there any way to access this remotely over the internet... or even better connect two of them remotely.. one at home and one at my business?
Yes, you could access the meDrive remotely however this will come down to opening a port on you internet router this way you are allowed to access your router from outside your house. You could have 2 of them connected and access them remotely but this setting needs to be done through your internet router.

Can I run me drive off of a Mac book pro instead of my router, and if so will I be able to use it as a mini Intrenet not connected to the Internet?
No, it needs an open LAN connection or router in order to operate.

Does medrive support USB hubs? Would it be feasible to connect 2 (3 or more) HDD so as to increase available disk capacity?Many Thanks
Absolutely, and great question - yes you can connect a USB 2.0/3.0 Hub and connect multiple HDD's.

Can the meDrive acquire USB power from routers like CISCO, Linksys or Airport Extreme Stations?
Yes, most of the routers like CISCO, Linksys - do provide USB power, and you can easily connect meDrive for power, however, Airport Express does not provide enough power over USB.

Can I use an ipad power adapter or iphone power adapter to power my medrive?
Absolutely, those power adapters mentioned will work to provide full power. Thanks.

Getting an Error or Unsupported Directory name when trying to open a folder
If you are getting an Error or Unsupported Directory name, please make sure not to have any spaces when naming your Folders. However you are allowed to have spaces on your files just not folders at this time. Tip: You could substitute the spaces for underscores for example: My_Pictures_2013

Hi,Is there any way for the meDrive to:a) Run off a USB charger instead of a computer. Is it using a standard (m/u)USB port?b) Connect to a WPA2-Enterprise wireless network? Is there an optional accessory, or do I need to buy an AP/Bridge to use the device as we require?c) How will this copy with file open/save operations in a classroom environment? With, say, 30 simultaneous users?d) Is there a different product I should be looking at for this purpose, instead?Thanks.
A) That is correct, uses a standard USB Port so a USB charger will work fine. B) meDrive is not wireless, so it will need to connect to a network via Ethernet to a router or AP with Ethernet ports C) By using the Kanex App available at the Apple store you will be able to use WebDAV and copy and move files from iWorks for example or any other App that supports WebDAV. Any user with iPads, iMacs or PC's with in the same network will be able to make folders, save files, open files and even open them with iWorks and edit the documents and save them back to the USB storage attached to the meDrive. D) This product is perfect for classroom use since there are meDrives already been used in some Schools.

Can files on a hardrive that is connected to the meDrive show up on an appletv?
The meDrive its a file server or manager designed to retrieve or save files, pictures, music etc. from your HDD. You will not be able to access the meDrive with AppleTV, its only accessible via iOS, Mac and PC.

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Ratings (4)

  4.00 out of 5/ Based on4 reviews

Connected with my iPad& External HD Stored photos and documents. More direct instruction manuel is needed.

Reviewed by RR, Seaside CA United States, 10/19/2013
Device: iPad - Year: 2013/09

Used as a link to an expansion drive to create a home cloud. Small size and ease of installation are real pluses. Sometimes drops out and has to be reconnected but doesn't do this very often. Have more problems with the router it is connected to. I'm really pleased with this product and can recommend it to anyone wanting to set up a similar system at home.

Reviewed by BC, Spalding United Kingdom, 8/14/2013
Device: iMac - Year: 11/10

I use this product for file storage pictures and videos Easy interphase It crashes a lot. It starts to tell you how many files are being transferred then stops but is still transferring them. Can only transfer one video at a time. Fix the crashing. Program turning off while using it is annoying

Reviewed by Sa, Stony Plain AB Canada, 3/5/2013
Device: iPad - Year: 2012

Connected to my router at home. Simple setup and really easy to use.

Reviewed by mm, Somers NY United States, 3/2/2013
Device: iPad - Year: 12/5

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