Nexus 4 and LG Optimus G connect to an HDTV
The Kanex SlimPort to HDTV adapter allows you to mirror content from your Google Nexus mobile device to an HDTV. Share your videos, photos, games and more on any screen.

Display Your Phone to Your HDTV

Easily display and share your videos, photos, games and more from your Google Nexus 4, Nexus 5, and Nexus 7 to an HDTV with high resolutions up to 4K picture quality and full digital audio surround sound.

Unlimited Play

With so many cool features on your phone, it's easy to quickly run out of power. Kanex SlimPort adapter features a micro USB port so you can connect to a power source and maintain battery life while you're displaying your content onto an HDTV.

Simple Set Up

No installation or drivers required.  Just plug and play!
1. Connect the Kanex SlimPort adapter to the microUSB port on your Google Nexus device

2. Connect an HDMI cable from the adapter to the HDMI port on your HDTV.

3. For additional power, connect the microUSB charging cable provided from the microUSB port on the adapter to a wall charger.
Simple Set Up

Nexus 5 and Nexus 7

Works with Nexus 5 and 7

The Kanex SlimPort to HDMI adapter allows you to mirror content from your Google Nexus 5 and Nexus 7(2013) to an HDTV.

HP Chromebook 11 Made with SlimPort

The HP Chromebook has a Micro USB port for charging and SlimPort video out. So you can use the Kanex SlimPort adapter to display your presentation directly from your Chromebook to any HDMI display - like an HDTV or projector.
HP Chromebook 11 made with slimport




What's Included:

Kanex SlimPort to HDTV Adapter ( 12-inch )

Technical Specifications:

5-pin SlimPort connector
HDMI out female port
SlimPort Micro USB port
Micro USB charging port
Supports HD video up to 1080p/4k with audio
Supports bandwidth up to 20.16 Gbps (4-lanes)
Connect a Nexus 4 or Optimus G Pro phone to an HDTV
Supports HD resolutions and multi channel audio


Google Nexus 5
HP Chromebook 11
Google LG Nexus 4
Google LG Optimus G Pro
Asus PadFone Infinity
Fujitsu Stylistic QH582


FAQ (3)

Does it work for Nexus 7 tablet?
Yes the current adapter been sold will work with Nexus 7 tablet 2013

Does this adapter use the MHL technology?If not does this mean that i can connect it to any HDMI port on the TV, even it does not say MHL?
MHL is a different technology designed by HDMI, while SlimPort is designed by DisplayPort, both will work on your HDTV no matter what port.

Does it work with HP Chromebook 11?
Yes, but in order for the HP Chromebook to detect the display it requires the power cable that was included with the Chromebook to be connected to the SlimPort adapter

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Ratings (20)

  4.50 out of 5/ Based on20 reviews

It works!

Reviewed by HH, Fort Lee NJ United States, 4/15/2014
Device: Android - Year:

1. I use this product with my google nexus 7 2013 edition. It doesnt work with older LCD screens. 2. It is small, light, and picture quality is great. 3. That it doesnt work with older LCD screens. 4. You should add to the description that it does work with google nexus 7 2013.

Reviewed by LG, Houston TX United States, 4/13/2014
Device: Android - Year: 2014/04


Reviewed by EP, Gatineau QC Canada, 12/31/2013
Device: Others - Year: 2013/12

Great service...But the product did not work. What can i do?

Reviewed by RR, Toronto ON Canada, 12/31/2013
Device: Others - Year: 12/2013

Love this adapter ... Works perfectly with my Nexus 7 2013 tablet ... Thank you so much!!

Reviewed by MO, Vic Barcelona Spain, 12/28/2013
Device: Others - Year: 2013/ 12

I used it for playing films on my tv. several times there was no signal. What can be the problem?

Reviewed by AJ, Arnhem Netherlands, 12/28/2013
Device: - Year:

Works perfectly on 2013 nexus 7. Allows nexus 7 to be mirrored in HD on large screen.

Reviewed by JR, Duluth MN United States, 12/21/2013
Device: Others - Year: 2013/10

1. This product was to link my Nexus 4 phone to the HDMI lead for my Panasonic TV because we'd already bought three from different sources and of those, only the first one worked, and that was only for a few days. 2. It was excellent to see that a power source for the mobile could be used while the phone was in use (had it worked when we tried using it). 3. No negative comments, assuming that it had worked. 4. Oh yes. We got back to you when the lead ( X 2) would not work. We had assumed that our first three slimport leads from two different companies were possibly inferior products, and therefore felt confident that your product would be excellent. So we contacted you when this was not realised, but had no response. It has been suggested to us by friends that possibly it is a software problem with the Nexus 4, and indeed we found internet comments regarding this problem for the Nexus 4 and the tablet, Nexus 7. Therefore we contacted them and were ignored. Now I have someone else assisting me in trying to get some response from them. If you as a company can assist in this possible software blip, which effectively means that none of us can use your product, then i would be most thankful. Faith Anderson.

Reviewed by FA, Rushden United Kingdom, 12/17/2013
Device: Others - Year: 2013/2

This product is used Occasionally when traveling, love the over all design practical size and materials, very good quality. the FPS can be better and if worked out the response time can be the deal breaker for this product. over all i am a believer and truly enjoy this product. if there is any updated version for this product i will be happy to try it.

Reviewed by jh, elizabeth NJ United States, 10/31/2013
Device: Others - Year: 2012/12

Works great with the Nexus 4. Reasonaboy priced.

Reviewed by BP, New Lenox IL United States, 10/20/2013
Device: Others - Year: 13/10

Works as noted. With a 2013 nexus 7

Reviewed by GL, Boise ID United States, 10/19/2013
Device: - Year:

used my slimport to connect my 2013 nexus 7 tablet to my hd tv. the picture quality was very good, but could be better

Reviewed by JV, LA PUENTE CA United States, 10/18/2013
Device: Others - Year: 2013/september

The updated product works as advertised. It works right out of the box, and needs no setup, or configuration work. I am very satisfied with it. Thank you for updating the hardware.

Reviewed by DS, Jersey City NJ United States, 10/18/2013
Device: Others - Year: 9/2013

This adapter worked as should be (after getting second one!). Easy to use and Nexus 7 2013 looks great on big screen!!

Reviewed by DD, Round Rock TX United States, 10/18/2013
Device: Others - Year: 10/2013

I wanted to play games and watch videos on my hdtv and tried this adapter. It does exactly what it says it does. I was able to connect my Nexus 7 through hdmi to my hdtv. Everything looks great on the TV. My only issue with the cable, and it is not a big issue, is the plastic cover over the connecter which plugs into the Nexus 7 came loose. The connector worked. I would rate this 4 1/2 stars. Thank you.

Reviewed by RM, Fort Worth TX United States, 10/18/2013
Device: Others - Year:

Works as advertised and provides great audio and visual quality. This company really came through after initially sending me a unit that wasn't compatible with my Nexus 7. They were honest with me and provided a accurate date when they would send me a replacement.

Reviewed by FF, Houston TX United States, 10/18/2013
Device: Others - Year: 2013/10

Use with the Nexus 7 2nd generation. Works perfect. Excellent!

Reviewed by CB, Gastonia NC United States, 10/18/2013
Device: Others - Year: 9/2013

1.) By connecting my new Nexus 7 2nd Gen to watch Google movies and listen to Google music. 2.) Able to mirror the Nexus 7 2nd Gen's images to the big screen. 3.) Cuts off at times and have to unplug the HDMI device from the tablet... Very annoying.

Reviewed by SM, Laurel MD United States, 10/18/2013
Device: Others - Year: 2013/August

Original unit was defective and unusable, replacement is better but occasionally glitches during playback. Short green flashes appear on screen just long enough to notice. The unit would be much more comfortable to use is both the USB power and HDMI were at the same end, with the I/O for the tablet at the other. If I had to do it over, I would look for something else.

Reviewed by HD, Dandridge TN United States, 10/18/2013
Device: Others - Year: 2013/8

I used the slimport adapter in my car to display my phone on my headunit. Most of the time it works as intended, but other times it can be flakey and drop picture. There doesn't seem to be an external reason as the original slimport adapter doesn't seem to have this issue.

Reviewed by DS, West Hartford CT United States, 10/17/2013
Device: Others - Year:

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