Two Macs, One Display

Winner of MacWorld’s Best Consumer Hardware, Kanex SnapX is a compact two-port switcher designed for Apple LED Cinema Displays 27 and 24 inch. Control two Macs with your keyboard, mouse and get full audio. Simply connect the two built-in mini DisplayPort cables with USB from the SnapX to your Mac computers, plug the display cable to the unit and you are set.
Not compatible with Thunderbolt™ iMac and Display
Connect to two iDevice
Switch between displays

Effortless Mac Switching

With the SnapX, switching from your MacBook Air to your Mac mini is a“snap” away. Toggle between the two sources by pressing the button on top and watch the LED light switch. No external power required for the SnapX.

iSight Camera and
Audio through USB Ports

Use your iSight camera and get full audio from the display’s built-in speakers seamlessly with the use of USB pass through cables.
USB pass through cables

5ft Dual Cable

Extended Reach

SnapX provides a convenient length of 5ft. (1.5m) dual cables built-in to the unit, thus providing an extension without unnecessary cables and adapters.


Clip-on Design

For optimum flexibility and ergonomics, SnapX easily clips on by just sliding underneath your Apple LED Cinema Display stand. Functionally designed for any desktop or office application that requires secured switching and extending without compromise.

Cable Clutter

Cable Clutter Free

SnapX provides a convenient length of 5ft. (1.5m) dual cables built-in to the unit, thus providing an extension without unnecessary cables and adapters.




What's Included:

Kanex SnapX

Technical Specifications:

Input:2x Mini DisplayPort Male (Front Source)
2x USB A Male (From USB Host, or to USB Device)
LAN:Ethernet RJ45 slot x 1 (Auto MDI/MDIX)
Output:1x Mini DisplayPort Female (to display)
1x USB A Female (to USB device or from USB Host)
Power:No power supply needed.
Powered through USB or MDP (source).
Voltage:3~5V, Current:<180mA
Power Consumption:0.9W
Size (L-W-H):3.4in. X 2.75in. X 0.68in.
Weight:2 lbs
Operating Temperature:0° to +70°
Operating Humidity:10% to 85% RH (no condensation)
Storage Temperature:-10° to +80°
Storage Humidity:5% to 90% RH (no condensation)
Warranty:1-Year Parts& Labor
NOTE: Not compatible with Thunderbolt display.



Mac MiniMac Mini
Macbook AirMacbook Air
Macbook ProMacbook Pro
Mac ProMac Pro
Apple LED Display 24LED Display 24
Apple LED Display 27LED Display 27

FAQ (18)

Can i use my 27" iMac using a mini DisplayPort instead of an Apple Cinema Display?
Yes, you are able to use the SNAPX in "Target Display Mode" with the iMac running Mini DisplayPort. You will need an additional MDP cable to connect the SNAPX to the iMac.

I just purchased a new thunderbolt equipped MacBook Pro, will this work with the SNAPX?
Yes, the SNAPX is compatible with the new MacBook Pro's equipped with thunderbolt

Can I use the SNAPX to view both my Mac’s at the same time on 1 screen?
No, the SNAPX is a switcher that can switch between the two sources one at a time. You will only be able to view content from one source at a time.

Can the "Output" 1 x USB female port be used for a common wired keyboard and mouse (on keyboard USB port) simultaneously switchable with the display between the two Macs?
Yes it can, however the Apple Cinema Displays are equipped with USB ports on the backside. This is usually where you'd want to hook up the Keyboard/Mouse; The ACD USB cable should be connected to the SnapX female USB port to utilize functions such as using the ACD isight camera rather than the MacBook's isight.

Can I use my 30" Apple Cinema Display (which has a Dual link DVI> Mini Display Port Adapter)?
Yes, you can use your 30" Apple Cinema Display with the SnapX. Our iAdaptDVI with the SnapX will do the trick, however the maximum resolution you'll be able to achieve without using a dual-link DVI adapter is 1280x800 on the 30".

I currently have a standard KVM switch which handles Keyboard and Mouse along with video output. Just wondering if this handles keyboard/mouse input as well? Would be very convenient to use 1 KB/Mouse rather than 2 for 2 computers. Thanks
The SnapX does not have usb ports to plug in keyboard/mouse. It is design that you plug those in the back of the display USB ports. Thereby utilizing the USB pass-through in one single USB cable. iSight and audio is pass-through as well.

Will this work with the LAST MacBook Air as well as the NEWEST MacBook Air?
Yes it works on all Macs with Thunberbolt video output as well as older Macs with Mini-DisplayPort output.

can I connect my mac pro with dvi ports?
Yes, our C247d will convert your DVI signal into a mini DisplayPort signal allowing you to connect the SnapX to the C247d, ultimately providing video to the display.

Can you use this product with the older DVI cinema displays, when using adapters?
Yes, you can use our iAdapt DVI with the SnapX to allow the connection of a DVI display rather than using the Apple Cinema Display, however you will then need to plug in a usb mouse/keyboard to the 1x USB female port on the SnapX to utilize the (1) Keyboard/Mouse for (2) Machines.

Can I use my Mac Mini and PS3 on this using the Kanex XD?
Yes you can! The SnapX works great with the Mac Mini& Your Console. Remember to set the output resolution of the console to 720p Prior to connecting to the XD.

Is this compatible with the Thunderbolt Display?
No, this adapter is not compatible with the Thunderbolt Display.

I'm using the SnapX with a Macbook Pro 17, Mac Mini and the 27" cinema display. The SnapX switches as intended from one unit to the other but occasionally the SnapX will switch on its own to the computer I am not using. How can I prevent this from happening? It's frustrating. Other than that, it works fine. I do get some flickering when switching to the other unit but I close FCP and reopen to stop that. Thank you. Steve
The SnapX should not switch on it's own. The only time it will switch is if you are introducing a new source to the device. Once it detects a new source, it will automatically switch over.

It seems to me it should be able to support the now discontinued 30" Cinema Display, and probably like may video display adaptors for Apple Cinima Displays, the 30' display is not listed to be competible simply it is no longer produced, am I correct in any of this?
The SnapX is in fact compatible with the 30" ACD, however it requires an adapter to connect to the SnapX. Our iAdapt DVi& C30 both work to power 30". The iAdapt DVi is single-Link DVI so the maximum resolution on the 30" would be 1280x800, on the other hand the c30 is a dual-link dvi solution allowing the monitor to run in it's native 2560x1600 resolution.

How do I connect one PC, one MBP with Cinema Display and Apple Wireless Keyboard and Trackpad
SnapX is mainly designed around connecting Macs only and not PC's. For PC's, it may or may not work depending on the Displayport requirements and power from USB. Thanks.

will it work with two Macs with mini-display ports, and an old Cinema Display (23') with DVI port?
Yes, as long as you use one of our Mini Displayport to DVI adapters (C247D OR C247DL). Thanks.

Will Kanex be manufacturing a SnapX that supports the Thunderbolt display soon? I'd like to use it between a Tbolt MB-Air and a second source that uses a standard DVI interface (actually a PC)
Thanks for the product feedback, we will definitely keep that in mind for our future products. Be sure to visit our site monthly for more new products. Thanks.

Will the SnapX switcher work with 2012 Build Mac minis?Thanks
Absolutely, yes but it will not work with Thunderbolt iMacs in Target Display Mode or Thunderbolt displays.

Can i combine this with a Kanex XD on a 2009 27" iMac in Target Display mode?
No, the Kanex XD will not function when added into the SnapX. It will need to be connected directly to the iMac in order for it to work. Thank You.

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Ratings (35)

  4.06 out of 5/ Based on35 reviews

1. I use the SnapX to connect two Mac Pro's and a monitor/keyboard/mouse. 2. It works very well for me.

Reviewed by TT, Ames IA United States, 1/27/2014
Device: Mac Pro - Year: 2012

1. I use this as a switch between my Crossfire 5770 XFX Radeon HD PC and my 2012 MacBook Air 13" 2. I like this design and simplicity. 3. The cables are sensitive to being bent. I had to RMA the first one I bought. 4. I didn't like having to pay more to buy from Kanex only to have to pay return shipping for a faulty product. Thankfully your customer care is close by to my living situation.

Reviewed by JP, Memphis TN United States, 8/13/2013
Device: Others - Year:

Used product to gradually migrate to a new computer. Loved being able to instantly switch back and forth. Didn't like the fact that sometimes it switched on it's own. Great product. Life saver!

Reviewed by JL, Toronto ON Canada, 4/30/2013
Device: Mac Pro - Year: 2013/04

It's a good solution, one of the better A/B-type switches I've user in general. The switch itself does sometimes get stuck if you don't push it on the center, which can cause repeated switching until it gets pushed again& un-stuck. But, this allows two laptops to share one monitor. A downside is that the laptops themselves re-shuffle the items on desktops when they lose their connection to the monitor; it would be better if they could somehow be fooled into thinking the monitor was still there when the switch was pressed, so that when you switched back, everything was still in the same place....

Reviewed by GW, Portland OR United States, 4/29/2013
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 2009

I had a need to reactivate an older Mac mini (to run an older paint application, which I missed very much), while I am primarily running on a more current model. I have only one Cinema Display, and it became a burden to down everything and change all the connections. Then I discovered Kanex SnapX. It is a marvelous product and has worked perfectly for me. It's a great addition and makes my work so much easier. I would recomment this product to anyone who has the same need.

Reviewed by SG, Sierra Vista AZ United States, 4/27/2013
Device: Mac Mini - Year: Mid 2011

For 1 screen 1 MacBook and 1 Mac pro That it is The only product that does connect 2 devices to 1 screen That The real thing is plastic and cheap and too light and it hangs in mid air only if it be more heavier it wil stay in plays The cables are heavier then The whole thing But updating This thing would help This thing for The recognision that it deserves The prising is also not matching The product

Reviewed by sy, Zoetermeer Netherlands, 4/27/2013
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 2013

I'm using this switcher just to share a monitor between my tower and laptop. It works great. I was so surprised when it came with all the necessary piece, no extra cables required! I love how simple and cheap the device is, but I feel the button you use to switch monitors is a little chintzy, and I wish the cable plugged into the back a little more solidly- it doesn't quite snap in there, but it works great!

Reviewed by MB, West Hollywood CA United States, 3/10/2013
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 2013/3

1. This product to connect a mini Mac server and a Mac Tower to a Mac monitor. 2. Easy connect and it works. 3. So far so good...

Reviewed by MO, New York NY United States, 3/2/2013
Device: - Year:

I am using this product to switch between my laptop (MBP) and a Mac mini, both connected to the same LED Cinema display. The Mac mini is static, while I plug and un-plug the laptop everyday. The product works well as advertised, it switches between the computers fairly well and has been reliable so far. There's a little lag in switching, but by and large it's working well. solid. It doesn't hurt that this was the only product that I found on the market that was focused on this switching task, so I was thrilled to have it. Here's what I do not like: the build quality and quality of the materials is awful. it's very plasticky (and bad quality plastics). Especially given the fact that this product connects to and sits right next to Apple hardware, the difference is even starker. the plastic used for the cables and connectors feels cheap, and the build of the switcher itself is even worse, with the LED lights leaking through an opening that is much too big and an unseemly joint right in the front of the device. it would be useful to provide power (MagSafe) as well as DisplayPort/USB, to match what comes out of the Cinema Display monitors. Right now I have to rely on the power from the monitor, but the DisplayPort/USB connectors from the switch, which constrains the placement of my devices to reach both. cheers, Hugo

Reviewed by Hd, San Francisco CA United States, 1/2/2013
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 2009-Aug

It's very good! very easy to use. I'm using this with Macbook and Windows PC. It's working good.

Reviewed by JW, Daejeon South Korea, 12/26/2012
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 2012/11

1. one side goes to my MacPro the other to your mini to HDMI video converter 2. able to switch my Apple Display between two devices 3. Thought the USB cable should contain hub as both USB cables could be on same hub. 4. Like the lamp which at a glance tells me which device is using the Display

Reviewed by Jo, Orange CA United States, 10/22/2012
Device: Mac Pro - Year: 2012/09

This is a very perfect product. It´s a great help for me. Thank you

Reviewed by IS, Talheim Germany, 8/21/2012
Device: Mac Pro - Year: 12/08

Used this with my PC and MacBook Air. Works flawlessly. The main unit feels a bit cheap with thin plastic, but it works. Also I am REALLY missing a MagSafe power cable for the air. If this included one, it would be the perfect solution.

Reviewed by JS, Lethbridge AB Canada, 7/17/2012
Device: MacBook - Year: Air 2011

I use this product to share my Apple Cinema Display across my Macbook Pro (older edition, but I've ordered the new one and really hope it works!) and my Windows computer (PC). I've paired with with the "ATLONA AT-DP400 Dual Link DVI to Mini Display Port Converter" and it works fairly well. The only real "problem" after having set it up is that the LED lights on the front of the switch don't work when using my mac. They work when using my PC, strangely enough. I like that this product saves me from buying a new monitor to use with my PC:) It's also super easy to setup. I do wonder if my LEDs are broken, but otherwise I think this product was worth the money.

Reviewed by AU, San Francisco CA United States, 6/25/2012
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 2010/05

Maybe I missed this in the item description, but I legitimately though that this device had three inputs. One for the display (as it does) and two for the two computers that I would be using. This worked well (when I thought it was the case) since I was planning on just getting a DVI to mini display converter for my PC and using that as one of the input devices. What DID happen, is that the device had two sets of output wires, means for a mac video card. the MB pro works great, no complaints, but on the PC side, since there are no female mini display converters, I now have to buy a mini display graphics card for my pc just to be able to use the switch. Not the end of the world for me, but could be a problem for some that had no intention of upgrading parts. This (so far) is the only problem I'm having with the device. I haven't tested the actual switching capability due to the described problem, but I imagine it will work fine when I get everything sorted and set up. Still giving you guys a 4 rating, since in so far as the display->MB pro connection, everything runs smoothly. If I missed the design wiring in the description, shame on me. If it's no there, maybe you guys could add it since this might confuse others as it did me.

Reviewed by TT, Piscataway NJ United States, 5/14/2012
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 2011

1. I use it as a switch for a Mac Pro and a WinPC (Radeon 7950 with Minidisplay-Port) on a Apple 24" LED-Cinema Display 2. it looks good and it works (and it is the only solution in this setting) 3. sometimes the monitor is not stable (false frequencies etc.) - switching twice solving the problem. 4. good work!

Reviewed by DJ, DRESDEN Germany, 4/23/2012
Device: - Year:

I use the SnapX to switch between my MacBook Pro and MacPro using an Apple 27" Display. I liked the price and the technical capabilities. Up till now, there is nothing I dislike about the product. It might be a good idea to have a European distributor - the product will sell well in Europe - however, a lot of potential customers will want to be able to officially book the cost (customs/VAT).

Reviewed by RG, Lemgo Germany, 4/23/2012
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 2012/04

1) In my house and work. 2 Mac and 1 Video. 2) Perfect to solve my problem. 3 and 4) I've to connect directly the SnapX to the mac (Not extended cable works correctly) // mac - extended cable - snapX// No good (I've a problem with strange audio 'clic') // mac - SnapX// work fine

Reviewed by MS, Mira Venezia Italy, 2/17/2012
Device: Mac Pro - Year: 2009

I didn't know that it wasn't compatibile with the Apple Thunderbolt Display! Cool product, but that should be more apparent!!

Reviewed by tK, Denver CO United States, 2/17/2012
Device: iMac - Year: January 2012

I use it to switch between my macbook pro and mac mini. It works great, exactly how i imagined it would. The product is wonderful. I have no complaints. Continue with innovations and creating awesome products.

Reviewed by MD, Miami FL United States, 12/12/2011
Device: Mac Mini - Year: july 2011

I got a Kanex SnapX 2x Switcher for my two mac mini last generation with minidisplay port and a Apple Cinema HD Display 30". It doesn't work. Actually the problem is that it works about two minuts and then there is a black screen for 20 seconds then the screen is on again and black two minuts later and so on... on both mac mini. It's certainly a good product for a last generation display, but not for a 30" Cinema HD Display. If you can help me it would be great!Sincerly David, (from France)

Reviewed by DL, PARIS France, 12/12/2011
Device: Mac Mini - Year: 2011/10

I'm very satisfied of my purchase. The switch works very well, I use it with a macbook pro 15 and a pc (through Kanex adapter Dvi-Mini display Port). The transaction was perfect, thank you.

Reviewed by MU, Palermo Palermo Italy, 12/11/2011
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 07\2011

I switch between imac and powerbook at home. Works great.

Reviewed by JH, Portland OR United States, 12/11/2011
Device: iMac - Year: 2011/12

1. use the Switcher to use the Cinema Display as external Display for my Windows PC from Work 2. easy to use/ setup 3. it's probably a problem on the W7 end, however, when switching from Windows 7 to Mac Mini, the second Windows screen is lost and all programs on the Cinema Display running under Windows are moving back to the Windows Main Screen ... as mentioned, probably a W7 dirver problem, but a bit nerving since one has to re-arrange the windows after switching back to W7 only 4. it's a pitty that this switch can't be bought in Switzerland directly. Shipping from US is rather expensive, at least you are using US Postal avoiding high handling fees as usual with UPS/FedEx/DHL

Reviewed by DH, Zug Switzerland, 12/11/2011
Device: PC - Year:

Works fine, easy to set up, connected a MacBook Air and a Mac mini to an Apple Cinema Display. There is a delay in switching, but this seems fine.

Reviewed by JL, Stonington CT United States, 12/10/2011
Device: Mac Mini - Year: 11/11

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