4-Port Charging Station
for Mobile Devices

With Sydnee at your desk, you can recharge up to 4 smartphones, tablets, e-readers or MP3 players simultaneously.  Each individual USB port pumps out 2.1-amps/10W of power for quick charging.
Sydnee 2.1Amp X 4
Sydnee 4 ports USB charging stand
Sydnee black 4 ports USB charging stand in the kitchen

Recharge Smarter

Sydnee’s“smart charge” feature detects which device is charging and adjusts to provide optimum supply of power. There is also built-in short circuit protection to provide you with peace of mind while your devices are charging.

Your Space, Defined

Built with simplicity and style in mind, Sydnee can be employed anywhere. From schools, hospitality markets and retail stores to corporate offices, conference rooms and health care facilities, just plug it to the wall and start charging your devices.

No Mess. No Problem.

With no tangle and no mess– your cable clutter is simplified without compromise through Sydnee’s intelligent design. One cord powers the whole device.
Sydnee 4 ports USB charging stand with iPhone and Google Nexus




What's Included:

Sydnee - 4 Port Recharge Station
Product user guide

Technical Specifications:

Output connector: USB Port
Output Voltage: +5V,2.1A Per Port
No load power consumption: 0.5Watt under AC230V input
Built-in Short Circuit Protection– with fuse& over voltage
protection Dimensions: H 7.67”x W 4.96”x D 7.2”
Warranty: Full 1-Year Parts& Labor

kanex sydnee


Sydnee 4 ports USB charging stand

FAQ (11)

Is there a black version?
Sorry but black version is no longer been sold.

Will I need to worry about any power surges or spikes?
Absolutely not - Sydnee offers full protection against harmful power surges and spikes. It also has a built-in short-circuit breaker which actively conditions the DC outputs.

Can I use Sydnee in the lab or classrooms where we require heavy-duty use out of the iPads?
Yes, the whole purpose of Sydnee is to provide the convenience of recharging the iPads or iOs devices at virtually any workspace to get you the full productivity everyday through rapid charging.

Can you use it with an iPad that has a protective case, not a cover?
It is design to fit majority of iPad slim cases

Can I charge iPhones as well as my iPad?
Yes, you can absolutely charge your iphone as well as your iPad with this unit, not only charge- Fast Charge!

Is there a charge indicator& when it reaches full charge does it stop or trickle charge?
Sorry, the Kanex Sydnee 4-port charging station does not have any indicators, however, when the iPads/ iPhones are fully charged it will not draw or send any more power to the devices.

Can I charge a kindle on one of the USB ports?
Yes, any USB charging device will work with Sydnee.

H Guys, do you have an international version of this product?
Yes, we do.

Will I be able to charge the iPhone 5S& 5C

Will you be able to charge the iPad Mini using the device?
Absolutely, Yes. it works with all iPad minis and the 4th gen iPad.

Does this product work in Australia? Does it come with an international plug etc?
Yes, the international version on Sydnee does work in Australia and yes, it does come with the plug. Thanks.

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Ratings (11)

  4.73 out of 5/ Based on11 reviews

I bought 3 of these in the last year, we have a lot of stuff to charge! It works great and it looks a lot better than a mess of wires. For each ones we own, we charge an iPad, an iPod touch, Nintendo 3DS and one of them charges a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as well. Highly recommend it!

Reviewed by CD, blainville Quebec Canada, 4/14/2014
Device: Others - Year: 4/2014

4 port usb charger. Great product easy to set up. Delivery to Australia was easy and not expensive i also ordered one for my son he loves his one also. All in all great product would recommend this company and its products at the highest level. Regards Geoff Oke Sydney Australia. Rating this charger would be 5.From5.

Reviewed by GO, Glen Alpine NSW Australia, 12/22/2013
Device: Others - Year: 2013/October

1. iPad/iPhone charging station 2. All in one charging solution, clutter free. 3. N/A 4. None, love the product.

Reviewed by LK, Houston TX United States, 12/16/2013
Device: iPad - Year: 2013/NOV

Like the kanex because I can recharge all my phones and tablets in the same place. I am having problem with one connection. Cannot't determine if the problem is the wire or the ooutlet. I now have 2 Galaxy 4s's and 2 Sansung tablet to recharge. The last plug is giving me a problem.

Reviewed by NG, Lake Worth FL United States, 10/18/2013
Device: Others - Year: 8/ 2013

Liked the concept but it did not fit with ipad that have covers. Most people have covers and you have limited your market. I dont want to take the cover on an off to charge it all the time. Make the product bigger

Reviewed by RM, Newport Beach CA United States, 10/10/2013
Device: iPad - Year:

Love the product, I feel it's the best multi-unit charging station on the market. The only issue I had with the product was the international power adapter that shipped with the product felt a bit "flimsy". While the adapter did work, the connections were very loose and I replaced it with one purchased locally.

Reviewed by PP, Bargara Australia, 8/15/2013
Device: iPad - Year:

We use this product with 2 iPads, one mini iPad and one iPhone . I also like the price I paid at Mac World.

Reviewed by PG, Brattleboro VT United States, 4/27/2013
Device: iPad - Year:

We charge our two iPhones, iPods, iPad, and Nook. We love that we can have a dedicated charging station that is easy to access and allows us to charge all of our devices efficiently. We would want some added functionality: eco-shut off, allowing the device to go into standby/eco-mode once all of our devices are fully charged or nothing is plugged in. Otherwise we are very happy with the Kanex Syndee, it has been the perfect solution to solve our multiple device charging issues.

Reviewed by SW, San Mateo CA United States, 3/10/2013
Device: Others - Year:

1. Used both at home and in the classroom. 2. I like that you could use it not only to charge iOS devices but also Kindle devices as well as android and iPhone's. 3. Everything seemed great right down to the packaging. The inclusion of a lightning cable might be a welcome addition in the future. 4. Excellent product please continue with the great work. Thank you.

Reviewed by CH, Richmond Hill ON Canada, 3/2/2013
Device: iPad - Year: 2013/01

Sorry, but i must pay Tax in Germany!!!!!!!! € 22,00

Reviewed by DH, Wohnste Germany, 3/2/2013
Device: iPad - Year: 13/02

Daily use. Charges i-devices for a family of 5. Compact, functional design. Only recommendation from my spouse was some of the heavy duty cases would not fit for charging. We put thicker cases on iPad/iPad mini's because children (6 and 8 years old) use them. Great product!

Reviewed by cn, union KY United States, 2/3/2013
Device: Others - Year: 2013/1

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