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Easily connect your Thunderbolt-equipped Mac or PC to an eSATA device with the Kanex Thunderbolt to eSATA + USB 3.0 Adapter. Small and compact, it connects to the Thunderbolt port on your Mac or PC computer, giving you an eSATA port and an extra USB 3.0 port.
Adapter connected to eSATA

Mac and eSATA Friendly

Extend the use of your existing eSATA-equipped external storage unit by connecting it to your Mac. Since many users are still on eSATA equipment this adapter will add value by adding USB 3.0 support.
Adapter connected eSATA HardDrive
eSATA Adapter

Increase Your Performance

Conveniently, the Kanex Thunderbolt to eSATA adapter adds an extra SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port to your Mac or PC computer so users can connect to more everyday peripherals, like external hard drives, a keyboard or mouse.

Award Winning

Kanex Thunderbolt adapters won the Macworld Best of Show 2014 award for their ability to help Mac or PC users increase their connectivity options and bridge the gap between old and new technologies.
Macworld Best of show 2014
Increase your performance with extra SuperSpeed USB3.0

Plug and Play

Set-up is easy. Simply connect an eSATA hard drive to the Kanex Thunderbolt adapter, and then plug into the Thunderbolt port of your Mac or PC. Use the extra USB port to connect extra peripherals. For even greater expandability, add the Kanex 4-port USB 3.0 hub and access up to 4 USB 3.0 devices at the same time.
Thunderbolt to eSATA and USB 3.0 adapter






What's Included:

Kanex Thunderbolt to eSATA + USB 3.0 Adapter

Technical Specifications:

Upstream port: Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt 2
Downstream port: USB 3.0 and eSATA
Dimensions:Master Carton
  9.60in (w) x 6.50in (H) x 17.50in (L)
  243.84mm x 165.10mm x 444.50mm
  Inner Carton
  4.13in (w) x 5.5in (H) x 8.73in (L)
  104.78mm x 139.70mm x 221.62mm
  4.13in (w) x 9.00in (H)
  120.00mm x 230.00mm


*Cannot be used as a bootable device for Mac or Windows


System Requirements:
• Mac: OS X v10.8.4 and above
• Windows: Win 7 and above (32-bit and 64-bit)

MacBook with Thunderbolt (No USB 3.0)
• MacBook Air (11-inch, Mid 2011)
• MacBook Air (13-inch, Mid 2011)
• MacBook Pro (13-inch, Late 2011)
• MacBook Pro (13-inch, Early 2011)
• MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2011)
• MacBook Pro (15-inch, Early 2011)
• MacBook Pro (17-inch, Late 2011)
• MacBook Pro (17-inch, Early 2011)

iMac with Thunderbolt (No USB 3.0)

• iMac (27-inch, Mid 2011)
• iMac (21.5-inch, Mid 2011)

Apple Thunderbolt Display (No USB 3.0)
• 27-inch

Mac mini with Thunderbolt (No USB 3.0)
• Mac mini (Mid 2011)

New Mac computers beyond 2011 have USB 3.0 built in already, but this product can still be used to expand your needs. It is simple, portable and easy to use.


FAQ (12)

Is there Thunderbolt pass-through?
TB pass-through will not be possible on this product because we are using Intel "Port Ridge" chip that does not have TB pass-through.

Will it be full 5Gbps or only 2.5Gbps?
It will be full speed USB 3.0 5Gbps.

Will the Thunderbolt to eSATA adapter support port multiplying on bays containing multiple drives?
Yes! It does support port multiplying on Mac. However, it will require additional drivers for Windows.

Will a MacBook Pro boot from a bootable hard disk drive connected to the USB OR eSATA port of the Thunderbolt to USB3.0 + eSATA adapter?
No, this option is not available on our adapter.

Hi I was wondering if the Thunderbolt cable is permanently attached and if so how long is it?
Yes, The cable is attached cannot be removed.

Does the adapter HDD or SSD booting options?
No, this option is not available on our adapter.

what are the transfer speeds for eSATA?
Theoretical speed is 5Gbps. Actual performance speed is 3Gbps. However, it might vary depending on the HDD and or SSD that you use.

How long is the attached Thunderbolt cable?
Cable Length 3.5 inches.

eSATA II, or eSATA III? what is the maximum tested benchmark (not theoretical) of the eSATA port?
Theoretical speed is 5Gbps. Actual performance speed is 3Gbps. However, it might vary depending on the HDD and or SSD that you use.

Does it support, USB 3 HUB?
Yes it does and it works fine it even works with our Simple Dock.

Hi there,Will your Kanex Thunderbolt to USB 3.0 and E-SATA device work in windows 7 (64Bit edition - boot camped) on a Macbook Pro (late 2013) model.
Yes It will work.

macbook pro 2008 late will work this?
Thank you for you interest in our brand Kanex and for contacting us, please allow us to help you out. As long as your computer has a thunderbolt port it will work. but remember it has to at least be able to run OSX 10.8.4.

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Ratings (34)

  4.32 out of 5/ Based on34 reviews

1. Connecting USB3-devices 2. Its compactness 3. The connecting-cable shout be a little bit longer (5 to 10 cm)

Reviewed by HK, Aystetten Germany, 7/30/2014
Device: iMac - Year:

This product is a lifesaver. Inexpensive, lightweight, bus-powered and instantly lets you use all your non-thunderbolt high throughput devices with your Macbook Pro. Every other option out there is bulky, overpriced and requires external power. I really think it's one of the most useful adapters I've ever purchased.

Reviewed by NR, New York NY United States, 7/29/2014
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 2011

I currently use the adapter with the Kanex USB3 hub. I have not used the adapter with eSATA yet or with both interfaces at the same time. Works fine with current configuration. On the iMac the height from Thunderbolt female slot to desk surface results in the adapter kind of dangling in an undesirable way. I use electrical tape in a fashion that the adapter is fasten to the lower back of the iMac in such a way(like a sling) that only a point of one corner of the adapter touches the iMac and I have full maneuverability of the tilt.

Reviewed by BD, Oakdale PA United States, 7/29/2014
Device: iMac - Year: 2011 mid

I was an early purchaser of the Kanex Thunderbolt to USB3/eSATA adapter. At the time there were no real specifications available for the adapter. I purchased the unit assuming a state of the art solution. In my experience, it works for both USB3 and eSATA disk drives with some caveats. The eSATA port only operates at SATA 2 speeds, and the adapter does not support booting on either port. I did not test the USB performance. When the device did not see my boot SSD I contacted customer support and it was difficult to get any performance specifications out of them. They finally admitted that the device does not support booting and runs eSATA at~3 Gbps. At that point they updated the product FAQ page to reflect the same info. For the price, and based upon the marketing claims of Thunderbolt, eSATA, and USB 3.0, (Oh and by the way, It is 2014) I was expecting a more capable and higher-performance solution. Since the adapter won't support booting from my SSD I can't really use it unless I purchase another disk that is faster than a single rotating HD. I give it 3 stars only because, as claimed, it is a Thunderbolt to eSATA + USB 3.0 Adapter.

Reviewed by DV, Geneva IL United States, 7/28/2014
Device: - Year: 2014/7

1. I am using it on a Macbook Pro from 2011 which has a Thunderbolt port but no USB 3.0 ports. I want to speed up backup and offloading media onto fast external drives. 2. It is small, relatively inexpensive, and works now. 3. The really short cable makes it difficult to position the device so it doesn't put strain on the cable when on a lap or limited size table. I am worried that breaking the cable will make the device worthless. 4. When I first received it, it did not work at all on my computer. I had no way to test until I went to an Apple Store and was allowed to put it on one of their computers. Since it worked, I investigated the firmware status of the Thunderbolt port on the recently replaced motherboard and found that it was out of date. It was not easy to find the updates from Apple, but I finally located appropriate Thunderbolt Firmware updates and then your product worked.

Reviewed by EB, Redmond WA United States, 7/28/2014
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: Early 2011

Gentlemen:We were hoping to get the device to connect a Thunderbolt device to a USB3 computer, but haven't been able to make that work. Is that even possible? Thanks. Bob

Reviewed by RR, Pittsburgh PA United States, 7/28/2014
Device: - Year:

1. I purchased your Thunderbolt adapter specifically for connecting an OWC Mercury Elite Pro Qx2 external RAID enclosure to an old 2011 MacMini 5,1 that has no USB3 ports (but one Thunderbolt port). I am using this since two days, connecting the eSATA port on the OWC enclosure to the Thunderbolt port of the Mac Mini, and so far no problems. Most notably, I am using this 4 drive enclosure in JBOD mode together with a soft-RAID solution (OpenZFS-for-OSX). Your adapter does support this (port-multiplexing over eSATA), and it's much faster than my previous config using Firewire 800. That's great. I haven't tried Thunderbolt-to-USB3 yet. 2. I like that it is working as advertised, supports port-multiplexing for multi-port disk enclosures and that it increased my transfer speed to the external hard disks by about three times (eSATA vs. FireWire800, measured with 'time dd' command and using the ZFS file system). 3. Two things could be improved: Firstly, it is a bit bulky. Secondly, the thunderbolt cable is a bit short, leaving the bulky adapter part in the middle of the other cables that are connected to my mac mini. I also tried the adapter once at a current iMac where it was so short that the adapter was hanging down awkwardly from the back of the iMac, not even reaching the table... 4. Perhaps have other color options besides pure black available too? The old pre-USB3 Macs targeted by this adapter are all silver (white would do well)... Why are all Thunderbolt products so expensive? Yes, 79 USD are a good price compared to other Thunderbolt adapters at this moment, but compared to pure USB or eSATA adapters it is in a different league...

Reviewed by UR, Sydney Australia, 7/26/2014
Device: Mac Mini - Year: 2012/06

I bought this to use with a MacBook Pro 17" that doesn't have USB3. At first, it kept crashing my Mac -- turns out it was a bad USB3 cable! Once I got a good cable, everything was kosher. I'm plugging it into a USB3 hard drive (not SSD). I've been very impressed with the results. My SuperDuper backup used to take 30-40 minutes, now it's about ten minutes. On the rare occasion that it doesn't recognize the drive at boot up, I simply turn the drive off and on, and it's there. I'm very impressed, and very happy.

Reviewed by MD, Issaquah WA United States, 7/26/2014
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 2014/07

1. Attached to my thunderbolt display so I could use the USB3.0 port 2. Powered off of the display and I did not have to download special drivers 3. It only has one USB3.0 port 4. Overall, I am satisfied with this product

Reviewed by BM, Calgary Canada, 7/26/2014
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 04/14

I used this product because my current MacBook Pro's (late 2011) USB ports were broken. This is a great alternative when paired with a hub, and it functions great. I would enjoy seeing more than just eSata and Ethernet capabilities, anywhere from a second USB to who knows what.

Reviewed by TC, Redding CA United States, 7/26/2014
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: Late 2011

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