Mini DisplayPort meets HDMI

Convert Mini DisplayPort into HDMI to extend or mirror your Mac’s desktop onto any HDMI display. Don’t feel left behind because your Mac doesn’t come equipped with HDMI. The V2 will solve your HDMI connectivity needs.

Movies, Music, Media

Display your content on your HDTV or HD projector with the V2 including flawless audio pass-through. Watch and listen to your favorite movies, the latest TV episode on Hulu, or iTunes music.
HD movie music media
Mac Display

Works with MacBook, iMac and Mac mini™  Port

If you are using an existing Mac with Mini DisplayPort or looking to upgrade to the latest MacBook Pro, we have you covered. Kanex iAdapt V2 transmits video and audio* from your Mac with Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt port to an HDTV.
*Click on the specs tab above for details.

Automatic EDID
and HDCP Compliant

The V2 has an auto–EDID feature built-in that adapts to maximum resolution depending on users display. If a user has a 720p HDTV it will read the EDID and automatically adjust the Mini DisplayPort output, if its 1080p the same tuning is made.

All-In-One solution

This sleek adapter combines the video and audio pass-through into one simple solution. The audio is drawn from the Mini DisplayPort, which helps eliminate cable clutter. The V2 also saves space by not taking up any of your valuable USB ports.
HDTV 1080



What's Included:


Technical Specifications:
Input:Mini Display Port
Speed:Supports up to 2.25Gbps per channel
Resolution:Maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080p @60Hz
Audio:Supports uncompressed digital audio LPCM 7.1, 5.1 or 2channels
 Supports compressed digital audio bit-stream
- Dolby TrueHD
- Dolby Digital Plus and DTS_HD Master Audio
Power:Mini DisplayPort
Dimensions:6 inches (L) x 1.3 inches (W) x 0.6 inches (H)
Model numbers marked with an asterisk (*) will provide audio pass-through when used with iAdapt V2.
* Audio support compatible with:

MacBook ( Late 2010 release)
MacBook Pro 13/15/17 inch ( Mid 2010 release)
iMac®  21.5/27 inch (Early 2010 release)
MacBook Air®  11/13 inch (Mid 2010 release)
Mac Mini and Mac Pro ( Mid 2010 release)
All 2011 released Mac Models



Mac MiniMac Mini
Early2009 -
Mac ProMac Pro
Early2009 -
Macbook ProMacbook Pro
Late2008 -
Late2008 -
Macbook AirMacbook Air
Mid2013 -
Late2013 -

FAQ (27)

What is the difference between the iAdapt HDMI and the iAdapt HDMI V2?
The iAdapt HDMI only supports video passthrough from your Mac to your display. The iAdapt HDMI V2; however, passes not only video but audio through to your display so that you can have a more complete and in-depth multimedia experience.

If I purchased my Mac product prior to Mid 2010 will it still work with the iAdapt HDMI V2?
Yes, this product will work with any device that can output video through their Mini DisplayPort connector;however, please not that only video and not audio will be supported.

Why can’t my Mac product prior to the 2010 release support audio passthrough?
Apple recently upgraded their Mini DisplayPort connectors to pass both video and audio signal with their recent Mac releases. Unfortunately, Mac models released prior to that only support video. However, Kanex carries a product that can provide a workaround to that problem in the Kanex iAdapt 51 which you can find here http://www.kanexlive.com/iadapt51

Will this be compatible with an xbox 360/ iMac 27 inch quad core i7?
Thank you for your reply. Please be advised that this cable is not bi-directional. It can only take a Mini DisplayPort source and display it on an HDMI display. The product you are looking for is the Kanex XD which can be found here:http://www.kanexlive.com/products/kanexXD.html This will allow you to take an HDMI display such as an XBOX 360 and display it on a Mini DisplayPort display such as an iMac. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact us at:http://www.kanexlive.com/contact/Thank you and have a nice day.

If I connect my macbook to a monitor with HDMI input, will the macbook assume that audio will be directed to the monitor, disabling my built in speakers?Also, when is the specific release date for this adapter?
Dear Customer, Please note that you can choose where the audio will be output from. From either your internal speakers or the speakers via the HDMI display. Please note that the V2 is shipping now and available for purchase. If you have any additional questions please contact us at:http://kanexlive.com/contact/Thank you and have a nice day.

What is the difference between the Kanex iAdapt 51 MDP to HDMI w/ 5.1 Channel Digital Audio and the iAdapt HDMI V2?
Dear Customer, Please note that the main differences between the iAdapt 51 and the HDMI V2 are in size and form factor. The V2 eliminates cable clutter and shrinks down the size of the adapter much smaller and in a much more sleek form. It is able to transmit both audio and video as long as your mac model is capable of transmitting audio and video through the mini displayport. Please note that only the newer releases of Mac products are capable of doing this. To verify whether your Mac is capable of using the V2 to transmit both audio and video please check here:http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4241 Please also note that if your Mac model is not compatible for audio you can still use the V2 to transmit video only or you can purchase the iAdapt 51 which will work with any Mac model that has mini displayport and optical audio. Please let us know if you have any other questions at:http://kanexlive.com/contact/Thank you very much.

I recently purchased a Mac Book Pro (model# MC372LL/A) and the apple support center is telling me that the minidisplay port does not support audio. The information on your website contradicts this. How can I confirm which information is correct?
Dear Customer, We are not sure what the apple support center representative was referring to; however, the new Mac Book Pro does support audio via the Mini DisplayPort. This is a footnote taken from the apple website:Requires a third party adapter, sold separately. Full audio and video support through Mini DisplayPort is available on all mid 2010 MacBook Pro models. If you would like to reference this it is at:http://www.apple.com/macbookpro/features.html It is the 6th footnote in grey at the very bottom of the page. Thank you.

compatible with the mid 2010 Mac Pros?
The Kanex iAdapt V2 is compatible with the mid 2010 Mac Pros.

I just bought a 21.5 in iMac. I have a TV that has a HDMI port. Besides buying the Kanex iAdapt HDMI V2 for the imac, seems like I also need something that connects the iAdapt to the TV's HDMI port. Do you make something for this purpose?
The iAdapt only needs a standard male to male HDMI cable which can be purchased from many retailers.

Will the iAdapt V2 work with my iMac 3.0Ghz MB952LL/A (iMac 10,1)?
Yes, the Kanex iAdapt V2 will work with the iMac 3.0Ghz MB952LL/A (iMac 10,1. However, please note that you must be running Mac OS 10.6.6 in order for the audio to be transmitted properly.

Will the iAdapt V2 work with my mac book pro 2.26hz MB990BZ/A (13,3')?
Please be advised that your model MacBook will not transmit both video and audio via Mini DisplayPort. Therefore, you would need the iAdapt 51 to have both audio and video pass-through.

My wife is having trouble getting audio to our tv through this adapter from her new Macbook Pro. Are there any special settings that need to be changed to enable this?
Please verify that you have your sound settings correct. Please go to your System Preferences and then to the sound section. Please choose the Output tab and under the output tab please ensure that Digital Output is selected, also the name of your display may display please select that. Internal speakers must not be selected. Please let us know if this addresses your issue.

I just recently purchased a Macpro 2.53ghz i5 17". Code is MC024X/A Will the V2 work with this?
Yes your system is compatible with the iAdapt V2 for both audio and video.

If I plug the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI® Adapter to my mac mini to my 32" HDTV, can i use the HDMI slot on the mac mini to play an XBOX360 or PS3?
Please be advised that the HDMI slot on the Mac Mini is for output use only. If you were to use the V2 it would simply act as a display or a secondary display. Connecting your Xbox 360 to the HDMI port on the Mac Mini will not work unfortunately.

Does the iAdapt V2 work with the Thunderbolt port that was just released?
Yes the Kanex iAdapt V2 is fully compatible with the new Thunderbolt port and provides full HD 1080p video and multi-channel audio surround sound.

My imac, model number MB950LL/A is on your compatibility list but I still can't get audio at the receive end. In my system preferences, audio output tab, I don't see a digital output selection. Any help please?
Please ensure that your iMac has the latest software update and all your firmware is up to date. Please check the Software Update feature on your Mac OS to ensure that your OS is Version 10.6.6. This will ensure that your iMac is outputting both video and audio via your Mini DisplayPort.

will this work with the new imac that has just been released, and does this device show video aswell as audio?
Yes! the iAdaptV2 works excellent with the new thunderbolt port!

Can this be used to connect a PS3 to an iMac?
No it can not. This cable is not bi-directional, however we do carry the adapter you are looking for; the Kanex XD. http://www.kanexlive.com/xd

Will the Kanex inapt v2 work with OS Lion? (I have a Macbook Pro OS X version 10.7)
Yes, our iAdapt V2 works great with Mac OS X Lion (10.7).

I recently bought this product and the audio doesnt come out on my TV I have a MacBook Pro 2011 and I went to system preferences/Audio/output and then two lines appears 1. Internal Speakers 2. sharp HDMI and when i select #2 a note shows (the selected device has no output controls)What do i need to do?
You should have audio once you select your HDTV. There are no other additional steps to get the unit to work. You can try going into your Sound effects tab and making sure that the drop down box is set to your HDTV as well. If that still does not work, You can try resetting your PRAM and NVRAM. http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1379

I purchased my Mac in Fall of 2009 and I'm having trouble with getting the audio to work. I searched online and saw that you need to choose the audio out to be the TV under system settings, but I do not see this option on my computer. What am I doing wrong. Does Kanex iadapt v2 with audio support Macbook Pro from 2009? It says on the website you do?Thanks for your help.
Jessica,Your year does not support audio out from the mini display-port. Mac Book Pro's did not start to embed audio into the mini display-port until mid 2010. If you would like to obtain both audio and video, you will need our iAdapt20 unit. Thank you

When connecting the adapter I am getting a picture but in the my sound settings on the computer there is no option the change the sound from internal to hdmi. Any suggestions? I have a 2009 MacBook Pro
Hello, Your MacBook Pro does not support audio via the mini displayport as audio was embedded into MacBook Pro's Mid 2010. You have an Early 2010 model, so it is not fully compatible.

the audio does not work when i use the iadapt v2 on my macbook pro. how will i be able to fix the audio discrepancy? i tried doing the system preference and output tab but it still does not work.
What year is your MacBook Pro? Anything from early 2010 going backwards will not support audio. On a side note, to obtain audio via the mini DisplayPort, you'll need to go into your sound preferences: System Preferences> Sound> Output. If your Macbook does support audio via the MDP, you will see your HDTV listed as an available sound output option. Selecting this will redirect the audio to the MDP. I hope this has helped

Is it compatible with mountain lion and newest mac pro??
Yes, that works fine

I have a new Mac Mini (09/2012) and I want to get 5.1 audio plus HDMI input to my Sony home theater system (with two HDMI inputs) playing the audio through the Sony and passing the video on to my plasma HDTV. Will this adapter work for me?
Yes, definitely - all you need to do is connect the Mac mini input from the Mini DP to HDMI out to your Sony HT. Coming out from your HT to plasma - you'll need a HDMI cable.

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Ratings (52)

  4.50 out of 5/ Based on52 reviews

what a lifesaver! the connection from my iMac to my tablet wasn't working anymore and it was recommended i come to this website and order a better replacement item. i'm so glad i did - prompt delivery and an awesome product. thank you!

Reviewed by ca, phoenix AZ United States, 6/6/2013
Device: iMac - Year: 03/03

Product was good as was the service

Reviewed by RB, Sth Brighton Australia, 3/2/2013
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 2013

1 - To connect a TV with HDMI 2 - It's Works 3 - Notting 4 - None

Reviewed by AW, Sao Paulo São Paulo Brazil, 2/3/2013
Device: MacBook - Year:

1. to show my presentations on mac to big screen 2. one cable to audio and video 3. i like all 4. not additional …. thanks.

Reviewed by Td, Bela Vista BRAZIL Brazil, 7/21/2012
Device: iMac - Year: 2012

works great!

Reviewed by AC, San Jose CA United States, 4/23/2012
Device: MacBook - Year: air 2012

It appearr that this does not support sound or at least I could not get any sound using just the iAdapt V2 with my 2011 MacBook Pro and i am sure that what the product said it would do!

Reviewed by mk, Saint Paul MN United States, 12/10/2011
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 2011/01

Prodotto eccezionale sono molto contento,semplice da utilizzare su (iMac 27 modello Maggio 2011) Dispositivo molto piccolo e pratico. Nota negativa nessuna.;-)

Reviewed by EF, CASTELNOVO BARIANO Rovigo Italy, 12/10/2011
Device: iMac - Year: 2011

Great Product, exactly what I was looking for. A dependable item for streaming with high quality, from the Thunderbolt of my new iMac, to my large flat screen (of which I use for my photo work/and watching movies/tv off the net). I would recommend this product to anyone.

Reviewed by DP, San Jose CA United States, 12/10/2011
Device: iMac - Year: June 2011

Excellent high quality product works exactly as advertised. It was easy to connect to my thunderbolt port and had to go into the video and audio settings to configure it to play both through the HDMI cable. It stopped working once, and I had to re-configure the settings again. I think its something to do with the firmware on the macbook, the picture looks excellent on the large HD TV screen and the sound is digital too so I don't need to purchase a large monitor as I can easily connect it to my HD TV/ Sound system.

Reviewed by KM, San Francisco CA United States, 7/11/2011
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 6/2011

I very much enjoy this product, I just wish I found it soon instead of buying 2 other brands that did not offer the audio to transfer through. I use this product to watch movies on a larger TV. Can't really say I don't like anything about the product, the only thing I would say I would like to change is the ability to have the audio to change immediatly. I have to exit out of my media player (VLC) to get the audio to transfer to the TV. This may not be Kanex, it might be the VLC player but just wanted to comment on it.

Reviewed by CR, Macomb MI United States, 7/11/2011
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 2011/March

1) Use the product to watch video from my MacBook Pro to my 42 inch 720p tv. 2) The video looks great and the audio pass through is amazing. There is no lag even when streaming from the internet. 3) Other adapters I have seen have more cable between the mini dvi port and the hdmi port, this allows for the user to have a shorter hdmi cable. 4) Would not hesitate to buy again. This is an amazing product!

Reviewed by RC, Mantua NJ United States, 7/8/2011
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 6/2011

great product...

Reviewed by GL, Sertãozinho SP Brazil, 7/8/2011
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 2011/02

I googled "Thunderbolt to HDMI" and found your product. The only thing that I can think of to improve the product is to make it a MALE Thunderbolt to MALE HDMI cable as I had to have an HDMI cable in order to connect my monitor to my iMac. Other than that... I'm extremely satisfied. I plugged it in, connected my HDMI to my Monitor and then your connector... and whammo second monitor worked.

Reviewed by LH, Daly City CA United States, 7/7/2011
Device: - Year:


Reviewed by BP, Pindamonhangaba Sao Paulo Brazil, 7/7/2011
Device: - Year:

1. I use with my MacBook Pro to connect with my monitor. 2. It's simple to use, just plug the HDMI cable and it works perfect. 3. The gray part over the adaptar with the Kanex logo locks very different compared to the site photos. It looks bad quality plastic. 4. No.

Reviewed by DS, Porto Alegre Rio Grande do Sul Brazil, 7/7/2011
Device: - Year:

1.How did you use this product? I used it on my mac to external monitor. 2.What did you like about this product? Oustanding construction. 3.What did you not like about this product? I loved everything about this product. 4.Additional comments or concerns. Great product overall!!!

Reviewed by aa, Ladera Ranch CA United States, 6/22/2011
Device: - Year:

I don't receive it yet... I'll wait a couple of days, then i'll contact u for further assistance.. thanx

Reviewed by JJ, Santos SÃO PAULO Brazil, 5/25/2011
Device: - Year:

Worked like a charm with my MacBook Pro medio 2010, both video and audio.

Reviewed by ES, Tranby Buskerud Norway, 4/3/2011
Device: - Year:

I used this product to connect my MacBook Air to a 23" monitor and also my TV. The product works perfect and was a great value for the price. The only complaint is that it is a little big and clunky next to my Air but the product is great and I recommend Kanex products to friends and coworkers.

Reviewed by BB, Amherst NY United States, 3/25/2011
Device: - Year:

I use this product to connect my MacBook pro to hdTv. Overall it is a good product, the only complaint I have is that the quality of materials is lacking the price.

Reviewed by AH, West Bloomfield MI United States, 3/9/2011
Device: - Year:

1. Show stuff on my 60" tv I can not stream from my MBP. 2. It actually does what it promise. I bought many of these that promised sound. This was the first to actually do that. 3. It took a whole f€€€ing year after Apple released MBP with sound in the DisplayPort before it was on the market. 4. No

Reviewed by KB, Praha 7 Praha Czech Republic, 3/8/2011
Device: - Year:

Great product use it to watch TV/ Movies from computer. Picture quality and sound great. Very easy to use. Change sound output on mac to HDMI in setting and go to full screen.

Reviewed by GW, Carlsbad CA United States, 2/10/2011
Device: - Year:

I am still waiting for it to arrive. Steve Nicholas

Reviewed by SN, Amesbury MA United States, 2/7/2011
Device: - Year:

1) connect MacBook Pro to TV set (Toshiba and Panasonic brands) 2) easy to set up, immediate recognition, you can even plug a HDMI cable in when it's dark, since the adapter has a more "flat" side so you can't get the HDMI cable connection wrong 3) n/a 4) none

Reviewed by LB, Mullagh via Kells County Cavan Ireland, 1/7/2011
Device: - Year:

The lack of instructions may cause you false hardware complaints from new users. Some people may not be familiar about using monitors. The shipping charges seemed a bit high for the size& weight of the product.

Reviewed by DB, Knightdale NC United States, 1/5/2011
Device: - Year:

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